Wednesday, February 20, 2008

kabak salatasi (zucchini salad)

Veggie..veggie..veggie.. ;)
Another zucchini recipe,
garnished with red bell pepper!

4 zucchinies(boiled)
2 gloves garlic(minced)
1 tablespoon mint(dry or fresh, chopped)
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 red bell pepper, lettuce and black olives
vinegar, olive oil and salt

Wash the peeled zucchinies, lettuce and red bell pepper.

Boil the zucchinies until soften. Leave aside to cool.
Put the boiled zucchinies in a bowl. Crush with a fork. Place in a strainer. Leave aside. Be sure all the juices went.
Meanwhile cut the red bell pepper in 4 slices, brush with oil olive and broil both sides. Let cool.

Mix olive oil, salt, garlic, vinegar, mint, black pepper in a small bowl.
Sauce is ready!
Combine the sauce and zucchini.
Separate lettuce leafs and place on a serving platter.
Place the zucchini into the leafs with spoon.
Decorate with sliced red bell pepper and black olive.

afiyet olsun...

Tips: You can add finely chopped dill. Anyway, only mint gives a good taste too.

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