Thursday, August 31, 2017

Air Fryers - The Healthier Way to Fry

If you and your kids love fries and you are looking for a healthier cooking method for your loved ones to eat better, you definitely need an air fryer. An exceptional gadget that uses rapid air technology.


3 Main Reasons For Having an Air Fryer;

- Less fat! Your meal contains less fat than regular frying. Air fryer doesn't have a special compartment for oil. It cooks food perfectly with drizzling some olive oil instead of submerged in hot fat and still makes it tasty.

- Still tasty! Crispy and crunchy on the outside and a juicy inside. If you are a fry lover, first thing that pops in mind is "Can it cook food, chicken, dumplings, veggies crunchy enough like deep fryer?" The answer is;  air fryer could replicate a deep-fried taste. It is worth to try for eating healthier. 

- Time saver! 
Faster than a convection oven. When we compare this kitchen appliance with a pan or a deep fryer, it's almost the same. Cleaning after use is much easier. It's a life saver especially for working moms and dads! Healthier choice, easier clean up process!

If you heard about air fryer but you haven't got one yet, you most likely have another question in your mind.

What Can You Cook in Air Fryer?

While it improve your life style and eating habits, you can still enjoy your favorite foods on the table.

All frozen foods, fries, nuggets, fish sticks, etc.
It does a great job for reheating leftovers.
French fries in less calories,
Roasting nuts,
Raw meat,
You can roast chicken, pork, beef and also grill vegetables in the air fryer.
Roasted whole chicken, doesn't take more than 30 minutes.
Baked goods (cakes, muffins) Yes, you can bake with optional buy accessories.

Can I Replace a Convection Oven With an Air Fryer?

Air fryer gives food a fried texture and the same taste of convection cooking. It is totally up to you! But most air fryers have a small capacity. If you have a big family, you might need to use it in several batches or look for a XL model.

This affordable appliance will help you transform your kitchen into a modern space without breaking your budget. Fry, bake, roast, grill.. This magic appliance can do it all!

Is It Worth Buying?

It is multi-functional, easy and fun to use, affordable, portable and the most important, much healthier than other frying gadgets!!! Totally worth it!

There are so many kitchen appliances that have come and gone in my kitchen over the years. Some of them were very useful, were worth to buy and keep them. Some, waited for the garage sale. I don't like to purchase appliances just because they look cool. They must be really useful, multi-functional items are most preferable for sure. At least must work for one good reason. There is no room for the appliances I don't like to use and no room in the budget to purchase kitchen tools/gadgets I'm sure that I would never use again.

Zucchini Sticks

Fast, easy and healthy zucchini sticks, even your kids would love to eat zucchini with this air fryer recipe. I have been cooking this favorite family food in the convection oven for years! Now, it is time to try it in this new world kitchen appliance. Zucchini Sticks/recipe

The variable temperature allows to cook up all kinds of food from frozen veggies to your family's favorite pizza! This gadget would probably be your new favorite item in the kitchen. One new kitchen appliance can make a big change in your life, can give a start to eat better. Air fryer, will touch your life!


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