Saturday, May 28, 2022

Herbs & Plants - Gardening Journey

We don’t know what is next. Monkey pox? Even if we try to stay positive and hope for a better future for the world, universe - for all of us, it looks like there is always a threat that can knock on the door anytime.

It was a tough winter. Finally, summer breeze, smells of the trees and colorful flowers surrounds us.

I was having a walk this morning and was amazed with a smell of honeysuckle which was my mom’s favorite. Oh, my sweet mom.. miss you.

Getting into water instead only watching the sea on the shore is also another first of the summer this year.

Yes, summer is here - unbelievably. It seemed like it was never gonna

Another new thing is my son is not with us this summer.

Actually that is a huge one for me. Anyways, he is okay and on his path, happily in Chicago. So, even though the empty nest syndrome hits me a bit, I can live with that.

Aria’s favorite 😊

Guys, I’m taking you to my hidden, tiny but peaceful garden.

Let’s relax!

Pandemic period of Covid-19 made me a gardener😊

Flowers and herbs which I can’t live without.

Maybe much better if I add "herbal" to my blog’s name. Hmmm.. “yonca’s herbal kitchen” sounds good 😊It has been 15 years that I've been sharing with you guys not only recipes, but my own life stages here on this blog. Thanks for being witnesses, reading, commenting, subscribing.. thanks for your follow. If you have been reading this blog for a long time, I appreciate if you drop of a comment. Saying “hi” will put my face a big smile.

How to storage fresh herbs

After washing, leave them in a colander for a while. Place on a paper towel till dry. Put them in a zippered bag, in a jar or in a container with a lid on. They stay fresh for days and are ready to use anytime you want.

Early morning meditation and breathing techniques in this garden while listening to birds singing puts me in a good mood. Feeling excited and hopeful for another new day.

Sometimes I plant a flower for a purpose, I wish it to grow and my wish to come true.

Everyday is a new start.

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Monday, April 4, 2022

Back to the States/ From My Diaries

Sometimes life changes in an instant. Letting your child grow into an independent adult and leave the house brings new experiences and some mixed emotions. I am a person that keeps myself busy most of the time. That’s how I cope with empty nest syndrome.

Back to the States..

It was the plan since he has a dual citizenship and economically Turkey is going through a hard time. Deciding “the time has come” wasn’t easy either. He moved to Chicago on March 8th. I only can say thanks to the technology that allows me to see him and talk to him over a video call like he is next to me. Seeing his appreciation there over WhatsApp, makes me feel ok for sure. So many people use Telegram as I did before but somehow my phone gets locked when I used it lately. Unlimited internet phone packages and WhatsApp make our life easier and also affordable.

I moved so many times. Between, countries, cities, streets etc. If you ask how many times I have moved, believe me, I don’t remember. I raised a kid in different cultures, languages, educational systems. Only one thing has been steady for the last 15 years, which is this blog and it has been a witness of my son's growth . He will turn 20 next June and we will have left another stage of life behind.

I live in a hot city which has a short winter. But this year even Cesme was cold. Just checked out the weather in Chicago ( can’t stop doing this every morning) -3!! Omg!! We ate breakfast in the garden today for the first time this year. Flowers blooming here, taking a walk today on the shore, reminded me of how much we missed spring and summer. That is not the only thing we all missed for sure. Hanging around without a mask is another one. When I leave a social distance I don’t put it on since there is no requirement, preference so far, except inside the places. We keep rest of the precautions to stay safe and healthy. But, I feel like naked somehow if I don’t use it. Last couple of years in pandemic, brought new habits we can’t rid off, right?

Now, some pictures before Aria left, after landing in Chicago. Because of the time differences, sometimes I struggle. I forgot and called him once and asked, “why are u in bed? Are you sick? I realized when he smiled and said “because it’s 5 am here mom” 😊 I don’t know what I was  thinking.

So, where were we?

Oh, yes.. This blog continues to be witnessing our lives. It doesn’t move anywhere. Here, needs a bit changes, but address is the same and getting older.


Need to do backbend poses lately since gardening took a lot of my time. Anyways, spending time in the garden makes me feel better so far. My good friend, had a heart attack a couple days ago. I am worried about her. Thank god she is ok now.

Along with my upcoming birthday, I have a book waiting to be read. “Secured Wishes”/ Charity Parkinson.

I’ll sit in the garden, surrounded with plants, colorful flowers and start to read it this week.

Ok, wishing & hoping for a better spring and summer for the world. No more viruses, no pandemic, war, increasing global warming or financial difficulties.. Smartness to use on good heart and health for all over the world.

Stay healthy and happy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Let’s slow down time

No. I still can’t stop time, haven’t solved it yet haha πŸ˜‚ 
but let’s slow it down a bit, ok??

It’s me 😊 
Spending a little time in my little garden makes me feel positive πŸ™

Helpful tip if you lose your balance while doing this pose,
keep your eyes focused on a dot ahead of you, to stay balanced.

Our sense of time speeds up as we age.
It’s all about perception. Let’s not be stuck in our routines. Go to new places, meet new people, try a new colored t-shirt or a sweater you’ve never used before. Try to be spontaneous.
Those are the ways of enhancing our sensitivity to the passage of time. 
Let’s not allow time to turn into the Flash.
Hope this new year brings enjoyable "new’s" to our lives.
Let’s slow down time in 2022. Promise??πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

A few shots from my kitchen. You might want try something you haven’t before.

Change is good!
“I feel good 🎢🎢 I knew that I would, now. So good, so good. “😁

This song always motivates me πŸ‘

Come on in!
I’m in the kitchen πŸ₯‚
Another December to say goodbye to.
Where did this year go??

I listen to this fascinating song every new year!

Happy New Year!


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