Tuesday, September 17, 2013

He's 6th grade!

My one and only son, Aria.
He's 6th grade this year!!!
First day of school.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch; Poached eggs with potato&cheese...happiness :)

It was last Sunday's brunch made all of us happy..
A perfectly cooked poached egg is
one of the most wonderful things in the whole world!

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2 potatoes(cubed)
6 eggs
Shredded mozarella, feta cheese
salt, pepper

After peel, wash and cube 2 potatoes, boil them in a pan.
(Not too much water or you can use can cubed potatoes)
Crack the eggs(6 eggs) on potato cubes and cook until the whites are cooked well.
Turn the heat off and sprinkle with shreaded mozerella and
 greated feta cheese(optional-i love it) on top.

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Schools are opening here on Monday
We're done clothes shopping!
I believe we are in the mood!
We cleaned his room together, made some decoration changes,
packed some stuff to give away,
 it also frees up space for new books for a new school year:)
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A shore walk was so relaxing
after having some chocolate cake at our favorite shore cafe..
                        But...still we don't wanna say good bye to the summer..
Still hot here!
See ya!

Monday, September 2, 2013

5 healthy foods for good mood!

 What do you eat as a snack?
Instead of having any kind of snacks, switch to a healthy snack/snacks. 
For instance; Just bring a bag of walnuts to work..
Keep them on the counter in kitchen at home
Whenever you need a snack during the day, grab some walnuts!
 The best plant sources of protein! Walnuts are delicious!!
 Also good for your heart and your skin!
 Dark chocolate makes you feel more calm.
Enjoy dark chocolate for its taste and its antioxidants
 Another food to boost your mood; Salmon!
 High concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, the heart-healthy fats that aid mood!
 Salmon is our the most favorite seafood. Aria loves- loves it! Oh, me too!!!
One thing I learned from yoga is 'a healthy tummy is a sign of a healthy body'.
An apple a day helps to digestion. Also puts you in a good mood. Eat an apple, feel better :D
I believe the last food is a favorite of so many of you guys! Coffee doesn't just keep you aweke.
Also improves both mood and brain function.
I'm having a cup of hazelnut flavored coffee right now at work with a handful of walnuts. Hmmmmm..good!
It helps A LOT to improve The Monday Morning Mood for sure :)
Haaaappy Monday!


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