Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A lovely tea set, fall mood and me..

When school started I wasn't ready to fall yet. I started to getting in the Fall mood since the trees leaves started turning orange and red and I can actually smell the season in the air.


Isn't it beautiful?
Yesterday, my friend Eileen came over and brought that gorgeous tea set to me. Darling white porcelain tea set with gold trim. I poured myself a cup of hot tea instead of an iced tea... it was a good way to welcome fall:)


This picture was taken yesterday.

I'd like to thank three of my blogger friends for those wonderful awards they passed me during the summer and will share with y'all guys.

'Life is Good Award' from my dear friend Betty @CUT&DRY

'I'm Going Places" Award from dear Susan @Susan Fobes' Family Formula. I'm suppose to tell you where I will be in ten years. So, in ten years I'll be a 52 years old mother of 18 years old son. OhMy, feels strange now:) Hopelly I'll be healthy and happy and financially in better condition:)

The last one is, The Fabulous Sugar Doll Award from dear Maria@ Personalized Sketches&Sentiments

and I'm suppose to tell you 7 things about me;

*'A good bye' is always painful for me even though I'm going to say 'hello' again.

*My son wants a baby brother and almost everyday he keeps complaining that he doesn't have.

*I cry easily.

*My old jean fit again!

*We have a goldfish in a bowl on our bathroom counter and his name is Leo. This is our second fish. It was a September day we bought the first one and I named him 'fall'. He lived 2 years in that bowl and died on a September day. Sometimes we still call the new goldfish 'Fall'.

*I lost my sunglasses again!

*I use the word 'wonderful' very often and you probably noticed that!

I've been blogging since 2007 December. My blog is almost 3 years old. It feels really great when you met lots of wonderful blogger friends and getting to know them better all this time..You guys became a part of my life and your visits, your comments inspired me to keep blogging.
Love y'all!

to friendship!

Friday, September 10, 2010

For mushroom lovers!

It has been a while I haven't made this mushroom recipe.
I almost forgot how much I liked it..
Then I took a bite..


Mmmm...Love mushrooms:) Don't you?



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