Sunday, March 15, 2015

My mom's fava beans recipe

My lovely mom passed a month ago, actually today is the 36th day. It was and still is painful. Accepting that she is not sitting next to me when i am cooking anymore..she can't peel the veggies to make them ready to cook..and can't taste it and say 'oh,oh..oh ellerine sağlık yoncacım..harika olmuş! 'means it tastes delicious' and it is a bit of a loose translation, honestly it is hard to translate some sayings. 'Eline sağlık' literally it means' health to your hands' Turkish people use it a lot for food.

My mom used to make this recipe every spring ones in a year. Last year we made it together. It's kinda a mom tradition. She asked just a few days ago before she died if i got broad beans, but i didn't. I feel sorry i could't make it. Last week i saw broad beans and remind me my mom like so many things did in the kitchen.

I cooked it this spring again but without my lovely mom.

If it is not your first visit, you probably know, how i like the kitchen, cooking, playing with food! We all had a different childhood experiences. Mine is full of kitchen stories and so many memories with my mom, my dad my sisters, my brother, nieces, nephews, whole family and friends!

Goodbye's the saddest word I'll ever hear
Goodbye's the last time I will hold you near
Someday you'll say that word and I will cry
It'll break my heart to hear you say goodbye
Till we meet again until then goodbye.
(R.J. Lange)

My mom's Fava Beans with Dill Recipe (Zeytinyaglı Bakla)

 photo a7c88cb6-44d8-4d24-9cf3-cc171340f926_zps23p5almm.jpg

1.5 pound fresh fava /broad beans(in their pods)
1 big onion (chopped finely)
1/3 cup olive oil
Juice of half a lemon
A handful of dill
1 cup plain yogurt
2 gloves garlic(chopped finely)
(1 glove is for yogurt sauce)
Mix yogurt with garlic and put aside.
Top, tail and string broad beans

Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil. Add the broad beans, salt, the lemon juice and stew gently, stirring occasionally. Add some chopped fresh dill and a cup of boilling water from the kettle) Smir and cook until the pods are tender (15-20 mins) Garnish a spoon of  garlic-yogurt sauce(or more) and with the reserved dill.

 photo 39c6a674-b07f-440f-aa39-0195a807dc8d_zpswt4nttqm.jpg

Rest in peace my lovely mom..
thank you for everything you teached me!
Miss you!!


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