Monday, September 24, 2012

What 'equipment' do you need in your kitchen?

If you are not really interested in cooking, kitchen equepments might seem a little complicated to you. Having specific tools/equipment can just speed things up a lot. Otherwıse you probably need an alien (like E.T) touch while cooking :D

You'll figure out which ones you need and want to invest in (or get inexpensively from thrift shops, relatives, Walmart/etc, online, etc) as you go along.
For a start, stock up on basic kitchen utensils such as a spatula, whisk, ladle, mixing spoon, tongs, grater, juicer, peeler, colander, can opener, serving spoon and a slotted spoon, measuring cup..

OK. If you are a good cook or at least you are not that clueless on cooking, maybe you got already bored and stopped reading this post, lol..

Even though you have already set up your kitchen you might need some more tools/equipments, like me anyway. :D
For instans, lately I terribily need an egg poacher though. Spray the cup with low fat spray oil and get them out with a rubber spatula.. and goodness knows it's that easy!!!
                                You'll end up with the perfectly poached egg.


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