Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do your kids love jumping on the couch?

Food and drink stains such as Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Fruit punch, Candy, syrup, wine..Ugh! Especially the old stains after cleaning come back... If you want your carpet/couch like brand new again, you might need a cleaning service.

Are you looking for an environmentally responsible cleaning service for your upholstery and your carpet? If you're living in Austin-Texas area, I'd like to introduce 'The Steam Team' to you guys! Choose their green service to help environment!

They use green chemicals which are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, safe for pets and humans. Most products are made of all natural ingredients. That is the first thing caught my eyes when I read their site first time.

The Steam Team is one of the experienced carpet cleaning cleaners austin. Residential flooring, upholstery, air ducting, tile, and and they also specialize in restoration, from water extraction to smoke and fire damage restoration.

Kids loves jumping on the couch, don't they? Aria is 9 and still loves it.

I took him out for a trampoline yesterday. It's one of the fun ways to keep kids off the couch and least a part of the day, lol:)

The fun didn't end so soon!

He also enjoyed driving a race car for kids.

Kids also love havinge their snacks watching tv on the couch, don't they?Or your dog/dogs sleep on it...

The first goal of steamer carpet cleaners Austin is customer satisfaction. They use fabric protection to help resist spills, staining and ultraviolet radiation. They choose the right cleaning method depends on your upholstery type and test on a small area to be absolutely sure that you will be happy with the results.

The Steam Team promises to do everything they can do answering your questions by customer service representative or by the adjuster.

If you are living in Austin area and need a professional cleaning service check out their site.
Hope this could help you:)

The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just wanted to share that shot with you guys!

Love this combination:))It says so many things to me..Summer,happiness,harmony, love,good times...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do you like romantic comedies???

Selena Gomez's new movie, Monte Carlo! It is more like Lizzie Mc Guire though.
I also think that this movie will be as amzing as that.The must see summer movie:)It will be in theaters July 1st!

Grace (Selena Gomez) is an ordinary girl who becomes an accidental heiress when a summer trip to Paris turns into the fantasy of a lifetime. On a dream vacation, Grace, along with her best friend and step-sister, discover that the greatest adventure is finding out who they really are.

Have you watched the trailer yet?

Official Monte Carlo Movie Facebook

You know I don't have a daughter but my son also likes Selena too:)
So, we are really gonna watch it!

Starting on 6/29, get tickets ahead of time at Fandango!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ah, onion!

I love preparing vegatables to cook, but not ONION!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

'As good as gold'

Golden is a safe method when it comes to investments. The best thing about gold is that is very tough to manipulate its price, especially over time. Many people turn to gold bullion as an investment during though economic times.

Most experts recommend allocating percentage of your assest in golden if you're a beginer in this game. They say 'start with 10%. '

This is the second time I'm writing and sharing my ideas with you guys about gold bullion If you are interested in investing gold and missed my first post about gold, you can read it (Golden is Golden)here

How to buy bullion

You can consider creating an account with a company like Golden Coins Gain. Their site is also very informative if you would like to take a look at it.

If you decide to buy gold bullion the most popular form of gold bullion is one-once gold coins which are very popular in Turkey too. Traditinally it is given to a new born baby and also to a new married couple as a gift. Just an example, Turkish State Mint is the world's largest manufacturer of gold bullion coins over the decade, 2000-2010. Zynet is the most popular gold bullion coin.
Millions are issued each year. Easy to buy and sell.

Examples of 1 0z. gold bullion coins all over the world;

American Eagle, English Britannia, Krugerrand/South Africa, Australian Kangroo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Vienna Philharmonic, Chiness Panda...

Happy Savings!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are you in medical field?

If you are in the medical field, you might know about Blue Sky Scrubs. Their scrubs, scrub hats are made from the highest quality cotton fabrics, hundreds of designs, and made in USA.

They serve scrub hats for the purpose of keeping doctors’ and nurses’ hair out of the way for the safety/protecting of patient. I know finding a hair in your salad is one thing..and finding one in a surgical incision is quite another one. For those who work in a hospital or out patient clinic, scrub hats are a vital part of the work day.

Blue Sky Scrub hats come in so many different colors and styles, bring fashion to your day, your look and complete the uniform. Wearing a uniform is not boring anymore:) They also have accesories. Scarlet Coral blue sky Luxe Lanyards caught my eye on their site.

They offer two styles of scrub tops and scrub pants for women and multiple colors for all men in the medical field or beyond. The fabric they used is soft, wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Blue Sky Scrubs Lab Coat offers abundant storage for papers, pens, stethoscopes, and whatever else the busy medical and nursing professional may need with a polished look.

Is your child wants to dress up like you? They have uniforms for baby and kids who wants to dress up like mommy or daddy or just play pretend:)) They come in ceil blue.
Kids will enjoy wearing a blue sky uniform as they are comfortable enough for relaxing but durable enough for playing.

-The opinions I expressed are my own-


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