Friday, October 29, 2010

The Beauty of Glass Tiles

If you're planning to put glass tile in your house, take a look at the largest selection of glass
tile online plus free shipping!

Swimming pool tile, bathroom tile, wall and floor tile,
kitchen backsplash...
When I got an offer to write about glass tile from,
I thought it would be enjoyable to write about it. I've always liked glass tile for kitchen and bathroom.


The benefit to having glass tile, aside from the aesthetics, is very easy to clean. If your glass tile is in the bathroom it can accumulate a buildup of soap scum. It's a piece of cake to make glass tiles shine like new. Drying the tiles with a clean, dry towel to help prevent any water spots or streaks. It's the fun part to see your tiles shining to your face again:)
Glass tile also perfect for kitchen, because it doesn't mold or mildew. I don't have glass tile in my kitchen but I wish I have though!

What color should you choose for your kitchen tile?


Hundreds of different tiles to choose from. Subway tile at great prices and free shipping!


One of my favorites on their site for bathroom. Loft Blue Gray Frosted Glass Tile..Blue and gray is a cool color combination that can be very soothing. Soft, subtle, and calming.

Glass mosaic tiles are one of the good options for decoration and flooring. It is classy.. But glass tile will get slippery when wet. Especially if you're barefoot. Therefore, it is best to apply a non-slip sealant after installation.

-The opinions I have expressed are my own.-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You're Special!


A fabulous message on a bottle whatever you want to say to your loved ones.. Makes it unforgettable..Comes in a wonderful gift box personalized with their name.. Love to shop for gifts. Who doesn't? Just in time for the holidays The Handpicked Collection is offering personalized gifts.
Nothing says 'you're special' like a personalized gift!


Those photo keys caught my eye. Your loved ones are always close to you with these leather double photo frame keyring. I always carry my son's and husband's photos in my wallet.
Sounds really a smart idea to me.


They have also great toys for kids. 'Paint Your Own Raincoat' idea sounds like so much fun for kids. I'm sure Aria would love this:)

Personal Pebble One or Both Side
Maybe a date of birth or initials...Such a great idea!

Gift giving is a wonderful way to show how much you care. Choosing the right one sometimes might be difficult. I like to give my family and friends a special gift..something that they haven't got before or they are going to thoroughly enjoy it. I might also prefer interesting gifts for my friends. That makes gift shopping more fun:))
Things that can be personalized to make your gift even more interesting.
I think that's why I like personalized gift. Your words make it a tribute to your loved one with your special message and forever to remember!
But if I need to choose a gift someone who I don't really know what her/his passion is, I just look for clues from her/his life style and help me to find the right gift that suits her/him.
Those are just a few gift ideas I liked on their site. What is your favorite?

This post is a sponsored post on behalf of The Handpicked Collection. The opinions are mine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Childrens Jewellery

Deep Pink Animal Heart from Molly Brown Designer Girls Jewellery

You all know I don't have a daughter but if I had, I think she would have a jewellery collection:)
Classic&sophisticated jewellery, will last a lifetime.

The Molly Brown Collection is a designer range of jewellery especially for girls. Established in May 2006 by Erica Illingworth who was inspired by her daughter Georgia to create Molly Brown, a collection of jewellery for girls.

“If we develop a passion for something when we are young, chances are we will still feel passionate about the same thing well into adulthood. The beauty of jewellery is that it holds our memories; a love for jewellery can be inspired at any age and hopefully indulged for a lifetime.”
(from Molly Brown)

When a daughter wears it, she is reminded of her love for her mother. Childrens jewellery can make a great gift at anytime of year whether it's for your daughter, sister or daughter-in-law..

I'm sure my daughter(if I had one:)) would need to make a memory list of her jewellery to keep those special days in mind.

So, I'm kind a lucky that I don't have an expense like that, right? :) Can hear you! Anyway, thinking like that makes me feel good when I am writing this post as a mom of a wonderful boy.

I just saw that Pink Aurora Fairy Necklace on their site, how cute is it??? Have you check out their variety of necklaces yet?

OK, dream is over! Back to normal. I have to go pick up my son from school. Yesterday we had a playdate and for today I promised to him to play basketball after school:)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All about MS!

I've never heard of Multiple Sclerosis until I got an email from All about MS.
I will share with you guys what I learned about this

I'm so glad they contacted me to make a post about it and introduce their site to 'yonca is cooking' readers and I got a chance to learn about it. Here's what I learned about this disease:

Multiple Sclerosis is a demyelinating disease that affects the central nervous system. Our brain is like a huge computer and sends electrical signals down the nerves. The myelin is a material that insulates the nervous system, acting like the covering of an electrical wire. The myelin loss caused by MS affects the ability to perform these movements. When MS occurs certain movements can be impaired or difficult to make.

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that affects about 4% of the world’s population, that is why, it is a disease that is relatively unknown. There are over 2.5 million people who suffer from MS. Most people, once they start learning about Multiple Sclerosis, and about its wide variety of symptoms and cases of misdiagnosis, tend to fear that they have this disease.

One of possible cause of MS might be genetic. Also another one is geographical localization of the globe. People that spend the first 15 years of life in areas at a distance from the Equator seem to have a higher risk for developing MS.

If you would like to learn more about MS and MS treatment, you will find very helpful information on their site. For a person with MS best way to learn about Multiple Sclerosis Diet and which exercises are good is to ask help from a professional and get a prescription. For further information, visit

All about MS on Facebook, click here

Hope everyone is having a healthy& happy week!

Monday, October 4, 2010

So October...

October is Energy Awareness Month.
Small steps at home can make a big difference in protecting our environment and saving energy.

A few tips, what we can do at home;

*Replacing all the bulbs with CFL bulbs.

*To turn down the thermostat on the hot water heater about 5 degrees.

*Unplugged all unnecessary appliances, lamps, etc.

*Buy a meter which monitors the appliances and energy usage in the house..a monitor actually computes how much you’re using an hour.

*Make your washer use warm/cold vs hot water.

*Solar hot water system

*Removing window screens allows about 25%(wowed me, when I found out) more light and more solar gain on south facing windows.

You'll be smiling when you receive next month’s electric bill and see how much you have saved:)

Save electricity is a good thing for all. How do you save electricity? Any other tips on saving energy? I would love to hear them.

Save and smile!!!!


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