Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Off today!


Today is the first day of Spring Break. My son is home. It's raining again today. We woke up late this morning and I'm taking a day off blogging. I promised my son to spent together today.

I made coffee, poured in my favorite cup (Yes, fruit figures again. Love it:))
And we're making pancakes for breakfast together!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Spring Break!


  1. yum, coffee!

    Enjoy your Spring break!

  2. Still summer here and always will be!!

    Enjoy your Spring Break, my dear Yonca.

  3. Hope you and your son have a wonderful day!

  4. it sounds like family fun! happy spring brake to you ;)

  5. Have fun on your spring break. Ours is over. I don't know why it was so early. I prefer spring break when there is actual spring,lol.

  6. I hope your spring break is wonderful and you have a great time with your son!
    Ours in next week and I can't wait.

  7. Sounds wonderful Yonca! Have fun - our spring break is next week and I am taking the kids down to my mom's. Without dad around to help I am HOPING we are able to have some fun too, and by "we" I mean ME. :)

  8. It's raining buckets here! Hope you have a fun day together :)

  9. Thanks for all your good wishes ladies!
    We had a good time together.Mommy and son ;)

  10. I love coffee. I'm so envious it's raining down there. ^_^. It's soooo hot here in Manila, feels like summer always. It's so nice to hear you spend fantabulous moments with your baby. ^_^


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