Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green drink!


A lot of wind...A lot of rain!!! It is horrible outside. High wind up to 50 mph and rain brought lots of trouble in Long Island today. Downed trees, downed wires..I remember 7 years ago, it was very windy just like today.A tree felt on to my husband's car.Lol, he had to say 'good bye'to his car.

I took my son to the dentist today. Then we stopped grocery store. I got fresh kale and broccoli. I saw a few times on tv and planning to try that green drink.
When we got back home today, one of the lamps were broken and the tent was just like that at backyard.We could barely closed the kitchen door.


I hear the wind inside right now.Lol,it really sounds scary!!!

Anyway, my helper and I decided to make a green drink. I placed kale, broccoli, cucumber(English), carrot, apple, strawberry, lemon juice, orange juice and ginger in the blender and made two glasses of green drink. We played drinking games:-) Otherwise I'm not sure he would drink it.
Sounds ewww? Yeap, I thought it would be..But it wasn't that bad! Seriously,I kinda like it. I didn't measure though.
Don't think that I'm depressed because of the weather and had this drink:) Hehe..Lol, believe me it is not that bad!


  1. I have been wanting to try that too! I think the green color is what scares me a little! I am in Pennsylvania and I totally know what you are talking about with the wind and rain. It is CRAZY out there today, right? I hope we don't have to leave the house tomorrow.

  2. I hate when it gets that windy. Wind always seems to get me down....good thing I don't live anywhere really windy, huh?
    I am impressed you got him to drink it even with games! Yeah you!

  3. Hi there! Hopping in from Friday Follow (on Saturday-lol) I'm your newest follower. I'd love for you to come follow me!

    Bridgette Groschen
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  4. Just the thought of drinking something green ....I don't know!

  5. We are having all that wind and rain up here in New Hampshire this morning. I can't wait for spring. I probably will not be trying your green drink...sorry. I would rather just eat a salad.

  6. I surely try that out!I go green!
    Happy Sunday!
    Betty :O)

  7. Life with Kaishon, fruit gives a nice flavor to this drink.I love green. But even though you don't like greens,this drink tastes better than it looks.

    Vicki,me too!Lol, so much wind also so much damages.The tent got knocked down last night.
    After Aria tasted this drink he said 'Mom, it is not going to be my favorite drink but it tastes better than it looks':)

    Joeandbridge,thanks for stopping by and the follow. I'll follow you back:)

    Hip chick, we all love salad.This is the first time I tried this drink.I thought I couldn't finish it even though I love each of them.
    But it is a good combination.

    Betty, hope you like it! Easy way to increase daily veggie-fruit intake.

    Happy Sunday ladies!

  8. Well, all those greens have got to be good for you! We got the rain and wind here too. Some parts of the state have lots of trees down, uprooted by that strong wind! March winds are coming in like a lion ... hopefully they'll go out like a lamb.

  9. It being so green scares me too ! LOL but maybe if i didnt look at it :) it sounds good i like all the stuff in it! Wow you got some really bad winds out there stay safe :)

  10. Joanne,glad it's over!Another rainy day today but it's a weak rain.I am sitting at my window and watching the beauty of nature.

    Connie,that's right.It is very green and scares people at first:)My son said 'I'm going to think about cucumbers when I drink it.'Lol, he loves cucumbers;)

  11. That wind is crazy! We've got nothing here in Cleveland just a bit of rain.

    The drink does sound like an interesting combination but very healthy. Glad you both enjoyed it.

  12. We had a bad storm like that on Friday. Ugh! I'm not sure I could ever convince my kids to drink the green drink.

  13. Hope the wind is over.

    I don't think I'm brave enought to drink anything green.

  14. I love juicing, but I can't bring myself to to the "green thing" ,lol.

  15. Okay Yonca! I have to tell you, usually I will eat/drink anything you post, but oh no way will I try this. LOL You don't make that sweet little boy of yours drink this stuff either. Mean mommy, now give that kiddo an ice cream. heehee I love you still, but no green drink for me. I hope your weather improves soon.

  16. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the bad weather but I like to tell you a secret which will not be a secret anymore ahaha.

    I love rain, I'm a rain person. I find it romantic ;).In fact I find typhoons exciting too but not the damaging ones ^_^ And as long as there's no flood coz I hate floods. The green drink sounds healthy , with all that veggies ^_^.

    And I am so thankful to you for following Joshua's blog ahaha, he was so happy. He can't contain his excitement & blabbering " yey mommy I've got new followers" ahaha ^_^

    You should definitely find a way about Aria receiving emails ;). You just gave me an idea about Joshua's blog coz he was asking, Mommy no one is inquiring me about anything game related yet. ;)

    Have a nice day girl ^_^

  17. Come on ladies! It's just a veggie/fruit mix.It tastes more like a fruit drink than a veggie.Believe me the wind we got here was more scarier than this green drink;)Hehe..
    Tesa, I saw on Oprah first. Dr Oz gave the recipe of green drink. But I didn't try the original recipe.
    Pam,glad y'all are safe.
    Moogie, me too. Today is rainy again but no wind.Thank God!

    Bibi,I love juicing too.
    Laurie, Lol, I've never pushed my son to eat or drink anything. He tastes everything once, if he say 'no, I don't want to,' I don't ask again. But of course nothing tastes better than ,ice cream, chocolate and cookie lol.
    Btw,he is an ice-cream monster:)

    Emily, I like rain but not all week.Ugh! After Aria got home we visited Joshua's blog.We are happily follower:)He checked his inbox yesterday and enjoyed to read his emails :)

  18. Green drink sounds good, but looks yucky. LOL I am so over the wind and the rain. Today it's sunny 70 degrees

  19. Wow, sounds like it's pretty crappy out right now. I was really enjoying the warmer weather we were getting and then the last couple of days it has gotten COLD and we had to get the winter coats back! :(

  20. oh no, that's terrible about your husbands car!! What a mess.

    that green drink looks good, I keep meaning to put spinach into my smoothies, but dont like the idea of drinking spinach!

  21. Lisa Anne,we are expecting sunny and warm weather tomorrow and rest of the week.
    Momma Such,we did the same thing. Lol,I don't want to see winter coats anymore.
    Molly,I think green drinks taste better with lemon,lime and orange juice.

  22. I've got to get me a juicer!

    I always get a little freaked out when it is super windy - you just never know how those trees are going to hold up!

  23. Mighty M, it was really scary. I took a walk this morning and some stores still don't have power.

  24. I think the drink sounds great. Everyone in our house including our 3 year old drinks Odwalla SuperFood which is bright green. (And delicious).

  25. JennyMac,I've never taste it before Will have to give Odwalla SuperFood a try!

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  27. Thanks for the follow Amanda! I'll check out your blog!


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