Sunday, December 20, 2009

YAY! Snow!!!

Its snowing…finally!
He is so excited. He wished for snow and his wish came true.
It started to snow yesterday.


And this morning.. Still snowing! He is planning to make a big snowman today! -Mommy do we have big carrots? Oh, hope you didn't get the baby carrots.
-A snowman without a carrot for a nose?
-I have both. I saved the biggest one for snowman!
_Yay! Awesome!
(more pictures are coming up next..)


  1. How fun - hope he enjoys his day in the snow!! :)

  2. Oh how fun! I wish we could get some. Enjoy:)

  3. Oh fun, can't wait to see the snowman!! I sooo want some snow!!

  4. Much snow here last night too. About 6 inches where I am, over a foot at the shore! Have fun :)

  5. Yonca, your son is so cute!.
    I love the snow!.What a fun!
    hugs hugs

  6. Thanks guys! He has been waiting for snow and checking the wheather channel everyday before going to school. This morning he was so happy. I couldn't even open the door early morning. After the breakfast he was all set. Grabbed a hat from the shed. I don't even remember this hat- cowboy style farmer hat:) He said 'my snowman will wear this hat', a big carrot, his scarf and candies for eyes.. It is very cold.Lol, we did our best..hee.
    We just walked in. He is taking a hot shower now:)The picture with a snowman is coming next:)

  7. I love the one with him opening his mouth eating the snow.. :)

    Looks like fun!

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