Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow+Sunday= Fun

I can't believe it really did happen! Yay for SNOW!
It is only about as big as me(almost!) But we did it!
Say 'cheese' snowman!
We did a good job!
Of course he wasn't the only one that got excited!!!What about daddy?
-Don't ask me! :)

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Aww too cute! You sure got a lot of snow! We only got about 5 inches. Your snowman came out adorable!

  2. Oh I love all that snow!!! It's beautiful! The snowman is awesome!!

  3. wow you got a lot! Huge snowman too, looks like a great day...

  4. Great job on the snowman!!! Poor daddy though.

  5. I moved from the north to the deep south to get away from the snow. But it does look nice in pictures.

  6. Looks like you got more snow than us. We got about 13 inches. Your husband looks like he is in more than that.

    Nice pictures to have years from now for nice memories. :)

  7. Whoah lovely pictures, I love snow sob, I love White Christmas yay!! Please do send me some snow girl lol ^_^. Your snowman is sooo cute :)

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  9. We got about 18 inches. Schools on one hour delayed.
    I told my son 'lets make a snow girl this year.'
    First he said 'interesting idea!'
    Then he was insist about making a snowMAN:)Boys!

  10. What a fabulous snowman! Our streets here are still not plowed all the way. We got slammed, too!

    Have a wonderful holiday Yonca!

  11. Wow! You really got a ton of snow. Are you thawing out yet?!

    p.s. your enchiladas came out great!!

  12. Look at all that snow~! Those are the days to treasure, aren't they!

  13. Aria named our snowman after Tony Hawk:)Hehe..He couldn't skateboard for a while.It seems Tony is not going to melt soon:)
    We have two big piles of snow on either side of our driveway. Salt works well to melt them.
    The plow truck came through but it's very icy still. Also side walks too. Lol,tonight 18-20 degrees.

  14. Yonca, that snowman is sooo fantastic!!
    Lovely pics,
    Lovely pics too!!
    Hope this will be the Xmas of your dreams!! Merry Xmas to you and to your family!!

  15. Looks like a Whole Latte snow fun going on over here! What a great day you had, sweet memories.

  16. YOu guys got a lot out on the island, didn't you? We only got about a foot here. I was delighted!

  17. Oh Wow!! How fun was that!! We haven't had the right type of snow yet for a snowman. So far, just a bit of powdery snow but I'm sure it will come!

  18. Awesome. I love your snowman because it has substantial hips. Nobody likes a skinny snowman.

  19. awhhhh so lovely photos i am waiting for the snow and i love the snowman it looks lovely

  20. Love the pics Yonca! Looks like you guys had so much fun!! BRRRR I am so cold here in cali and it isn't even snowing LOL I know I am a huge big baby... lol

    I hope you had a great Christmas!


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