Friday, January 8, 2010

Fantastic Savings!

I love dinner time! It is good time to talk about the day. Sitting at the dinner table, talking to family or to get closer with friends...Every fantastic meal needs to be served in a pretty tableware set for a enjoyable dinner. And every pretty dinnerware set needs a wonderful meal to grace its plates. Cooking for family and friends is fun. Also setting the table with beautiful dinner plates is more enjoyable. An attractive dinnerware set is more inviting and pleasing to the eyes.

What makes a new dinnerware set preferable to choose for you?Elegant looking? Good price? Or both? If you are planning to buy new dishes Pfaltzgraff offers great deals now! There are many dinnerware sets to choose at Pfaltgraff for everyday use or special occasions. Save up to %82! Great deal! All you have to do is to choose which of them satisfies your life style!

Isn't it cute?
I don't have any square plates but like their modern look. Most recently, they have become a hot trend. When I looked at Pfaltzgraff 's website, this beautiful dinnerware set immediately caught my eyes.
Anything you need for cooking, baking or serving your meals, take a look at Pfaltzgraff Kitchen Products!

If you didn't like it or break it ;

The Pfaltzgraff brand has been associated with the highest quality ceramic products for almost 200 years. Yorktowne, Folk Art, Naturewood and Pistoulet... If you would like to get one of these best-loved dinnerware designs, don't miss this sale!

It's 4 pm. My son just came home from school starving:)
Oh btw, you can register for a chance to win a Lane Furniture Set :) I'll be checking it out later!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. I love their cookware. I have several of their pieces.

  2. They really have a lot of cute patterns!

  3. I am actually planning on replacing my dinnerware set, and we were going to head to a Pfaltzgraf outlet store not far from here this weekend. I'm off to check out their web site now, curious about what styles to bring to the table. Thanks for the link!

  4. Oh that is a cute set. I'll check out the website.

  5. Those are so cute! I really need to get better about sitting down to dinner with my family!

  6. You can never have to many sets of dishes. Love your choice.

  7. I love the square dishes, I agree, they look so modern. : )

  8. Love that brand, such great designs.

  9. I've been wanting some square plates too. They are so cool.

  10. Those square plates are adorable. They are modern, but have a quaint feeling to them.

  11. I've been wanting to get the square plates. I didn't know about their return policy. That's pretty good.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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