Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

I know you have been expecting a golden brown turkey picture:) I don't have a pic of this food. But I'll definitely take a shot at this one on Thursday:)

A beautiful browned and flavorful turkey!
In a bowl, mix together light olive oil, light butter, salt, pepper, sage and just a bit of rosemary. Make sure the skin of the turkey is very dry, pat it off with some paper towels and work mixture directly onto the meat, all over the turkey skin before you put it in the oven.

I do not cook the stuffing inside the turkey.
Last year I got this idea while searching internet and stuffed the turkey with apples. Just cut in quarters and stuff the turkey with them. Perfect flavor and smells delicious when you take them out.
Gobble gobble is ready to oven :)

For gravy;
Melt 3 tbsp vegetable oil (or butter) and add 3 tbsp flour. Stir and cook. Then add broth (2 cups)slowly and whisk it. Add pepper and salt.

Bread Stuffing
The night before eating, break the one loaf of bread into small pieces in a huge bowl. Let the bread dry out.

Chop onion, celery and mushroom and place into food processor until minced.
Melt vegetable oil in large saucepan.
Saute onion, celery and mushroom. Do not brown!
Add dry sage and parsley.
Pour the veggie mixture directly over bread.
Add chicken broth slowly over bread. Be careful not to pour too much. Only enough to coat and mix.
Bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour until the stuffing to have a nice brown crust.

Easy Mayonnaise Potato Salad

6 boiled potatoes,
2 cup mayonnaise,
1/2 tbsp mustard
2 tbsp vinegar, pickles for garnish.

Wash and boil the potatoes until soft, about 15-20 minutes. Remove from water, let cool, peel and cube and put in a bowl. Then add mayo, mustard and vinegar.Mix well and chill. Garnish with pickles.

Green Beans with Olive Oil. (recipe)

Remeber my baked apple recipe??? We will definitely need a light dessert:)))
It will be fun to prepare those dishes. The best part is being together and having good time as a family:)
happy cooking!


Easy Mayonnaise Potato Salad


Goble, Goble, Goble!!!!!



  1. It sounds delicious and looks really delicious too. ^_^ I'm pretty sure this will be another winner recipe for a lot of moms out there. ^_^

  2. It sounds delicious. Can you believe no one in my family will eat turkey? I don't even cook it anymore. We have ham.

  3. It sounds delicious. Can you believe no one in my family will eat turkey? I don't even cook it anymore. We have ham.

  4. Hi Yonca, I missed you.
    Love the recipe.Sounds devine! Those green beans!
    My fav.
    hugs hugs

  5. Sounds splendid!!! The best turkey I ever made was one that I brined for a couple of days before.

  6. Yonca, i love the Turkey pic ! :) your stuffing is a little like mine your sounds yummy and i really like the idea of apples in the Turkey ! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving XOXO

  7. Can I come over to your house for Thanksgiving? PLEASE! :)

    Can't wait to see pics of your Thanksgiving feast!!!

  8. Your stuffing recipe sounds exactly like mine!! It's so yummy! I always make a ton of it so there's sure to be leftovers!

    I've been making Alton Brown's turkey recipe for the last couple of years and his calls for an apple and a cinammon stick inside the turkey. You're right...the aroma smells so nice!!!

  9. I bet the apples in the turkey provide it with a phenomenal flavor!! Sounds yummy!

  10. Ha Love the turkey pic :) All that sounds good makes me want to eat!

  11. You just got me so excited about Thanksgiving!! I love all the yummy food. Although I have to say I am a Cornbread dressing girl.

  12. Yonca, that sounds so delicious. Especially the homemade stuffing. I confess, I just buy the stovetop and hope no one notices!

  13. That potato salad recipe looks good, too! Have a wonderful holiday Yonca! :)

  14. That looks so good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  15. Hello Yonca!

    I LOVE green beans , this looks yummy.

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family.


  16. oh ya congrats I saw you won at Tina's place on her giveaway cool beans girl!

    You are on fire! LOL


  17. Yonca, i have a present for you on my blog.
    Please stop by and pick it up.
    hugs hugs love ya.

  18. My husband stuffs the turkey with apples and lemons and it is delicious! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  19. Those green beans look fantastic! Just curious on why you don't cook your stuffing in the turkey. Does it make a difference, or is it safer, or just preference?


I' m loving to read your comments:)


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