Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Copper?

Anyone uses a copper cookware?
Copper cookware is one of the best heat conductors for your cooking, allowing the preparation of a dish with less energy. Generally copper cookware is slightly more expensive than other cookwares, but it’s well worth it. If you have a good set of copper cookware will last a lifetime.

A solid red copper pans can be part of your decor. If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your cookware, Ruffoni Copper Cookware has a huge selection. Copper cookware by Ruffoni. Cassaroles&stock pots, fry&saute pans, sauce pans, all cooper molds, cake pudding ring molds, all specialty cookwares like butter melters, sugar pans, fondue sets and double boilers...

Ruffoni Copper is one of those materials that can always look fabulous.
Cooper casserole is great for stews, chili and other recipes calling for long periods. After you try cooking in a Cooper Cookware I believe you will find that a copper cassarole will cook your dish more evenly with better control.

Ruffoni Historia Hand Hammered Oval Casserole looks very nice to just toss on the table as a serving piece.

Ruffoni Copper Cookware offers thrilling benefits to all of it’s users and also FREE SHIPPING on all Ruffoni Products.

Another beautiful item, Ruffoni Copper Leaf & Vine Bowl.

Chefs around the world prefer copper because it’s durable and it has excellent characteristics.
Copper beats stainless steel for whipping egg whites. Your eggs will have more volume and stay stiff longer with Ruffoni.

Copper sugar pans are the best for the working with egg based and sugars for sugar works.

If you have any questions about Ruffoni Copper Cookware , you will find a chat window on Ruffoni's website.

Copper Cookware is easy to maintain. Just use soap and warm water for daily cleaning. Or you can use copper cleaning liquid. Here is another tip; you can use a simple, natural mixture of one part lemon juice with three parts kosher salt to make a paste, rub it on the outside of the pot with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for your info.
    They are really pretty and useful cookware.
    hugs hugs

  2. Such pretty cookware. I'm a stainless steel gal myself but these pots are gorgeous to look at!

  3. beautiful pans...another great cleaner is ketchup! I have copper countertops, and it works like a charm.

  4. I've never had any copper cookware. It is so beautiful. If I had some I would never want to put it away.

  5. Those are so pretty!! All I have is the cheap stuff from Target!

  6. I've never had copper cookware, but I always admired how it looked.

  7. I've heard such wonderful things about copper cookware! If it weren't so awful expensive!

  8. What beautiful cookware! I have never tried using copper before. Maybe I will have to give it a try ;) Thanks for the info.

  9. can you recommend a copper cleaner and have you tried quickleen-s copper cleaner see

  10. can you recommend a copper cleaner and have you tried quickleen-s copper cleaner see

  11. I was so hoping that this was a giveaway lol. I love copper pans.

  12. wow those are really pretty! You have a really sweet blog and Ive learned so much here already!
    If you would like come check out my blog and enter my current giveaway at
    I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

  13. I've always liked the look of copper cookware but never knew it was better to cook with. Thanks!

  14. All the pots they look gorgeous and $$$ but i use Stainless steal not that i wouldnt use copper pans ! i need to invest in A GOOD ONE !thanks for all the info and i just wanted to let you know i have 2 awards for you over at my blog waiting for you !!

  15. Hey Yonca! How are ya!

    Lovely pans, I don't any copper pans or pots. I heard they were good.

    Thanks for the 411 , I hope you are having a fantastic day!


  16. Thank you for the great tidbits! Something to consider for our wedding registry!

  17. I have always wondered about that! I thought it was just a design thing! Thanks for the info!

  18. They do look beautiful don't they? I have always wanted copper pots. Thanks for the info about them, there was a lot I didn't know.

  19. Great post you got here. It would be great to read something more concerning this topic. Thanx for sharing that info.

  20. It is one of my favorite metals.


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