Thursday, September 17, 2009

You know where to find me. KITCHEN!!!

It has been cloudy and raining here last couple of days. Ugh!!
Yesterday, after I sent my son to school, picking up the stuff, vacuuming, dusting and finally got in my kitchen.

I saw the tomatoes on the counter. They were very ripe! Prepare them for cooking and roasted them(posted this recipe below)

I was listening Lite Fm.:) Music motivates me, love it! Actually I never turn the radio off. Even night time! Loovee listening to slow music while sleeping.
My hubby too!.
So I turned the volume up a bit end enjoyed cooking :)
It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Sometimes when I feel a need to do things away from the computer I head straight to the kitchen. Oh, there is always something to do in there..hehehe..

I spent my time out in my kitchen this week. What about you?
I can't even wait to read how the other moms spent their time out..
Have you stopped by Theta Mom yet?


  1. I would love to be in your kitchen Yonca! You could teach me so many things! LOL
    I also love to listen to music, it is so relaxing. Cooking isn't a bad gig for me when I don't have to watch the kids while trying to prepare a meal. So glad you had
    another successful time out girl!

  2. I spend my free time right here...on the computer...catching up on my comments! I am not such a cook. When I am in the kitchen, I am usually getting a snack!

  3. you are so right about there always being something to do in the kitchen!! when i need some motivation, i'm all about the oldies!!

  4. That sounds relaxing, and yummy! I am a HUGE fan of tomatoes. My husband hates them. I think he is crazy, but whatever!
    That sounds like a great afternoon!

  5. I would love to be cooking in the kitchen. Ok if I could make something edible that is. I wish I had learned to cook from scratch.

  6. I spend my free time with my son and BF. We usually shop, go figure. LOL You can come into my kitchen at anytime. It's small but I love my kitchen it's perfect for me since I'm the only one who ever cooks. I sacraficed a small kitchen so the boys of my house could have their game room. Yeah i know i rock for that!!

  7. When I feel the need to do things away from the computer, I run through the kitchen and out the garage door for a run! I wish I were more like you Yonca! The kitchen and I just don't get along so well :-)

  8. You I think cooking is such great therapy. When Jeff gets home from work I ask that he watch the kids while I cook and it feels so great! I love to cook.

    Happy timeout thursday!


  9. Yonca, I fully agree that cooking is a great therapy! The trouble is, there are usually far too many people coming in and out of my kitchen! But, I love to get stuck right in and cook something. Just now, I have made my Christmas Cake! We usually bake the cake a few months in advance so it can mature, then , just before Christmas, I love to decorate it!
    Is the tradition of baking Christmas/Wedding cakes done this way in America?
    I'd love to hear anyone else's views on making fruitcakes like this!

  10. Cooking doesn't really relax me but baking does. What a nice way to spend your hour. :)

  11. I prefer to eat out!!

    And yes, I've stopped by at Theta Mom. I even advertised on her blog for Entre Card, all thanks to you!!

    You're a great pal, Yonca!!

  12. Howdy girl ^_^.

    As for me I don't know how to cook just yet sob ^_^. But I'm very good at researching and collecting recipes, 'tis my hobby. Maybe, someday I get to try to use my recipe collection hehe. ^_^

  13. I totally agree with you, Yonca:) There is always something to do in the kitchen. Sounds like you did great in the kitchen today!

  14. That does sound relaxing. I turn on music when I am housecleaning.

  15. Popping in from MBC!
    Now following your blog...

  16. Yonca you are so right! There is always stuff to do in the kitchen!! I bet it always smells so good in your house with the smells of food always cooking. :) Congrats on your time out.

  17. I love to cook too! It's one of the most relaxing things to do, I think. Have a great weekend and happy cooking!

  18. Roasted tomatoes sound delish! My timeouts are spent working out, LOL. Can I punish my workout for making me work so hard?? LOL Actually, I spend a lot of my time on my computer because this is where I write and draw, which is my form of timeout or release.:)

  19. I am missing your posts. I need a new recipe! LOL

  20. I'm glad you got to take a "Time Out" in your kitchen. I think it's great that Theta Mom started this because it's so important to take some time just for you.


I' m loving to read your comments:)


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