Sunday, September 27, 2009

Did you mean a real car?

Not only does he want a new car, he wants to learn more about cars. I tought he wanted me to buy new toy cars as usual. Oh, no! He was asking about the real ones!!! We spent some time today to search on internet and see some pictures. Oh, he loved it!!!

It seems his tastes range from crossovers like the Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona to sports like the Mercedes and Mazda Miata.

I woke up to my son's voice this morning:)
-Mommy, are you awake?
Love to hear his voice in the mornings. I hear his voice sometimes calling me, even though he is at school.
Does it ever happen to you too?
Anyway, he told me that he would like to see different types of car photos!
He saw the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro! He fell in love with it! His favorite is yellow Chevrolet:) Then pointed 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL and wanted me to buy it :) I told him that we don't have the money for this car. Then he started to ask the prices first before choosing:)

Our morning was full of cars!!! Kia ,2010 Mazda then we checked Dodge ram out! Here is the link; 2010 Dodge ram review...
He was getting hungry and none of them seemed better than a cheese omlette to him at that moment. I wasn't expecting more questions but no way!

-Why don't we buy a new car mom? You know we need a better car!
-We will, Tiger! Just need more time, OK? He loves that nickname.
-Oh, I understand that! (Actually I'm not sure if he really does).
I gave a BIG hug to him. He hugged me back tightly..
-I'm hungry mom!

We didn't buy a new car today :) But our eyes were shining after seeing those pretty new car photos !!!

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Happy Sunday sweetie. I can hear my daughter's voice when she's at school as well. Or especially at a store when another kid calls for their mom.

    Please make sure to stop by my blog. I left you something.

  2. Carson is the very same way. He looooves cars. Every time we go to the store he has to pick up one of those free car books that are usually just inside the door. He just saw the little cartoon picture you have on your post and he made me scroll back up so he could see the truck hahah.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. My son is the same way. He even gets into the drivers seat every time we go some I am going to let him drive!

  4. Did you change your blog design or am I just going crazy today. I mean it is sunday, what am I doing on the internet I should be crafting.

    I get a new car about ever 3 years, yeah I like change. My son always gets upset whenever I get a new car. I don't get it. lol

  5. Boys and their cars...I think they will always be into them! Hope you're enjoying the rest of the weekend girl. :)

  6. LOL! You know what it is like about boys and their toys! I guess that they just start younger now!
    A car is an extension of yourself. My car is a mess, so what does that say about me? I actually hate living in a mess and everything has to be "just so" with me, but my car could be mistaken as a rubbish bin at times!
    Still, I know nothing, absolutely ziltch about cars! I only know that they have a wheel in each corner and an engine, and as long as it is nice to me, then I will be nice to it!
    Now I'll have to go and clean it up a bit because you are making me feel guilty about it!!! LOL!!!

  7. Josh loves cars too. When he could barely talk, he was able to identify all the car logos on the road! He would say,"Look, BN Datu (BMW), Alfa mewmew(alfa romeo), felali (Ferrari)....!"

  8. Well at least he has good taste in cars even if you can't afford them.
    Kind of like me and my corvette I plan to get before I am 80. : )

  9. Hehe ...that is so cute! My boys like cars too. I think that is partially b/c Daddy has such a love for cars. Of course, Daddy likes the old ones and Mommy is always wanting a newer and BIGGER one...ha ha! :)

  10. Awwww, he sounds so sweet. And just like my older son too. He loves cars and trains...he could sit there for hours watching trains on YouTube!!!

  11. guys got to enjoy lookingmonsem at cars together. How sweet!

  12. Because I love your blog, I have a well deserved award waiting for you to come grab!!! Congratulations on a wonderful blog.

  13. There is an award for you waiting on my blog!

  14. Aww I hear voices like that too.. you are such a good mom my dear friend.. I love it!!!

  15. i love reading/hearing about moms who really get into what their kids are into doing - we do similar stuff with out son and trains

    found you at raisingmy4sons and now new follower

  16. I love that picture of him hugging you. He is such a little sweetie. And such a good and patient mommy to look on the computer for cars with him.

  17. OMGosh, what a cutie! I love that he is so interested in learning about real cars!!! I can't wait for my son to want to look things up on the internet! SO CUTE!!

  18. Yonca, Sorry I am just getting around to commenting. We are getting ready to go out of town this week so things are hectic! I think it sounds like you and your son had a great time checking out those cars. Hey looking can be fun too especially with a little cutie by your side:)

  19. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning. :)

  20. My oldest son loves cars. He is only six, but he can identify almost all makes and models. His favorite is the Fort GT which is like over 100,000. It figures!

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