Tuesday, July 1, 2008

pasta salad

That's it! School is over..
My son and me, we really enjoyed today,
spending some time in the kitchen together.
Also cleaning to the kitchen after we've done
was fun too.
Just took more time than cooking :))
We prepare a pasta salad as all of us might like.

1 lb. elbow pasta
2 large green onions
1 red bell pepper(cut into the strips)
1 cup broccoli (chopped)
feta cheese(crumbled),olives(remove the stones)
1 cup dressing
for dressing;
seasoning mix,fresh lemon juice or red wine vinegar

Cook 1 pound of pasta. Don't worry if the pasta sticks together.
The dressing will break it up.
Add broccoli and bell pepper (during the last minute of boiling)
Drain but do not rinse the pasta.
Combine feta cheese, olives and green onions
Toss the salad and dressing only 15 minutes before serving.

O oooo ! Did we miss something ? Where is my feta cheese?
Than again it was fun. Also my broccoli is talking. It says 'eat me up!'
What about yours? It worked for Aria. Hope works for your kid too.

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