Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Somebody got a new bike for his birthday :-) CSN Stores Review


I've received a 20" H
yper Metro BMX Bike from the awesome people at CSN Stores. UPS delivery was at the door in less than 48 hours after I ordered. It is totally a pleasure to deal with this company. Aria was at school when the UPS guy knocked the door. I told him that there is a huge package waiting for him in his room. He looked at me and said 'is it my new bike ?...YAY!!! (It was a very loud one:))

We unwrapped it together and waited for daddy to assemble it for 3 hours. Seriously, it was a long tome for him when thinking of his first ride on his cool bike. He picked up all the zip-ties and said 'let's recycle these mom' ;-)

Hyper Bicycles specializes in BMX and racing bikes for all ages.
Hyper Bicycles 20' Hyper Metro BMX Bike-720981 is just the right one for him/his age.

His first bike was with training wheels. I took them of when he learned how to ride it without training wheels two years ago. He was sooo ready for a real bike ;-)

These days you can get a great deal on a new bike by ordering online. Just a quick reminder how to properly assemble a mail order bike right out of the box;

The tools you would need when you order a new bike online ;
*Phillips head screwdriver,
*wire cutter
allen keys;adjustable,
*a set of metric
open-end wrenches,
*adjustable wrench
*You’ll also need an
air pump.

We don't have a air pomp so they took it to the closest gas station to pump some air just in case. He enjoyed every minute helping daddy to assemble his new awesome bike! Just like he said
'my awesome bike'


When the bike was ready to be hopped on, it was already dark outside. But I didn't ask him to wait until tomorrow(tomorrow is also a school day..Could he wait until he comes back home from school??) I know what he would say..'It's not fair'..night shot wasn't good though. I'm not adding it.

And this morning just before school


happy moments...

He loved his new bike. He said 'I feel like I'm flying mommy'

A good bike is...
...a trusted friend that makes your kid feel like flying!


  1. Wow! That is so cool. I'm glad he got his new bike. That makes a great birthday present.

    I love the last picture of him! Very Cute.

  2. Hooray! What a great present, he looks so happy. Wishing your son many fun adventures on his shiny new bike this summer.

  3. What a lovely new bik!
    He is so cute, and love the pics too.
    You're awarded today, Yonca.
    B xx

  4. Great pics! He looks excited about his new bike!

  5. What a wonderful gift, and what a happy boy! love that he reminded you to recycle!

  6. That is sweet! And you can tell by that last pose, he LOVES it!

  7. Look at him. He looks so proud and happy with his new ride.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your bike.

  8. What a wonderful picture of Aria and his bike. Happy Birthday! :)

  9. Pretty awesome! I'll bet he already knows a lot of tricks, too...

  10. Looks like a great bike! CSN is amazing. Hope he had a great birthday:)

  11. Oh how very special a gift indeed. He must have thought the three hours assembling it felt like three days! He looks so very proud with his bike. And I thought it was awesome he wanted to recycle the ties! Good job.

  12. FUN!!! He looks so excited! I love when kids get the things they've wanted. The look of pour joy! great job Mom and Dad!

  13. Very cool bike indeed!! I just love CSN!! They have everything.

  14. That is one cool looking bike. Perfect timing on the review, CSN Stores are great.

  15. My son needs a new bike too. (He is still using his sister's old bike.) Thanks for the tips!

  16. God, he looks so grown up in that last picture. What a very cool new bike! I bet he is loving it.

  17. Isn't that FUN! I'm not kidding when I say we have about 50 bikes in our back yard...the kids collect them and tear them down and put them back together...boyz and their bikes!

  18. What a great story & loved seeing your list of tools just to assemble a bike, as I'm always writing about the tools homeowners need to maintain their homes.

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