Sunday, July 19, 2009

What makes food fun to eat? Any suggestion?

Today I'm searching how to make food, especially veggies fun to eat. Your ideas will help other moms too.

-Finger foods – kids love eating with their fingers
-Dipping and scooping – it is fun for them to dip or scoop their food into another food.
-Kids enjoy taking matters into their own hands by adding things to their food such as sauces or toppings.
-Fillings and icings tend to make foods appealing to kids
-Silly shapes and colors – kids like foods that come in interesting shapes and colours
-Portability – kids like to be able to take food products with them

My son is 7 years old and he says he doesn't like silly faces anymore ;) He likes some veggies. Raw carrot, bell pepper, cucumber and lettuce are his favorites. Tomatoes! He eats if they are raw. Also eats peas and green beans when I served with pasta or rice. He used to eat broccoli but not anymore!
-Finely chopped veggetables can be added to ground beef, egg, hamburger..
-Another recomendation is to have the child to help pick out vegetables at the grocery store and help prepare them.
What is your suggestion?


  1. Variety and choice at every meal...the more buffet style choices the better

    Just like us they like some of the same food all the time so encourage him to take a least one bite of something new. If he chews and hates it, spit it out and he doesn't have to eat it again. Don't fret. He'll be fine.

    ☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

  2. I'm agree with you. Sometimes after he tastes, says 'doesn't look like good but taste good tough ;)

  3. Love the veggie face! :) We are always doing fun things to our foods so the kids will enjoy eating them! :) Great site! Am happy to follow. :)

  4. Thanks for following. Aria used to love this veggie face. Yesterday he asked 'mom, can't you make Johnny test face? ;))

  5. Stopping in to say hello! and hope you don't mind another friend =)

  6. I love to have new friends. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Yonca. I will add your button as well.

    My suggestion - kids like food that they have helped to make! Even if it is just putting the food on the plate.

  8. Thanks Meg,

    He loves to flip over the pancakes and put on the plate.

  9. My son loves silly shapes in food.

    For example, if I do rice, beans and a stewed meat, we would like me to mix it all together and shape in letter forms (this is called a "PANCUCO")
    The "Pancuco" story heads way back to my mom's childhood. That was a way my grandma had to deal with picky eaters. My mom did it with me and I am doing it with my son, it works like a charm!
    Just mix all the food together and shape with the spoon as trees, letters, mountains, etc....

  10. Thanks Ivic,
    Great idea! I'll try this too!

  11. Added your button to my blog! :)

  12. Thanks Ivic! I grabbed your button, will add my side too ;)

  13. Hi- thanks for stopping by my blog. You've got some yummy things posted here!

  14. I gave you an award for your lovely blog! Come on over and claim it!

  15. love your blog!
    I also have a second grader this year! We are trying to eat fresh/organic/healthy in our house and I started a blog all about our journey and the struggle of the lunchbox! I post picture of my kid lunches - could give you some ideas!


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