Sunday, June 4, 2017

Avocado, tomato, cheese panini with herbs

Panini is something I CAN NOT stay away from! I know it sounds weird but just go with it.

Combining different ingredients I already have in the kitchen and to create a taste in minutes everyone in our family would like and makes life easy and delicious! 

Another thing I can't give up is herbs(fresh or dry), love adding more flavors to time saver recipes. Making life simple and happy with easy, healthy, tasty recipes and being open to new tastes.
Oh is really delicious.

My son doesn't get in the kitchen often, but grilled cheese sandwiches/paninis is his!

This panini is made using fresh Spicy Bush basil from the pot in my balcony which has tiny leaves(intensely flovered basil type).
Feta crubles (its refined flavor makes the panini full flavored and melts easily).

(Total time 15' for 3)

6 bread slices
1 big tomato
3 tbsp olive oil
Avocado mix;
1 avocado(blended with 2 tbsp milk)
1 tsp pomegranate sauce (A fruity Middle Eastern inspired dressing, goes perfect on any green and grain salad. I usually have a bottle in my pantry)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp dry thyme,salt,pepper
a handfull of fresh basil and parsley(finely chopped)
3 Mozerella cheese slices
1/2 slices American cheese ( I added half of a slice each)
1 tbsp feta scrumbles We're a cheese monster family of 3 😊
Feta cheese has a refined flavor, makes the sandwiches full flavored.
Drizzle the inside of bread with oil.
Arrange avocado mix, mozerella, feta, tomato slices, American cheese and place on a hot grill/panini maker.
What are you waiting for? Get a bite! Enjoy!!!

Cheers to an easy and happy life!


  1. Interesting as my husband has started buying basil plants instead of the basil in a package. It's just hard watering it enough (every day or more often) so we can use all the basil which takes about a week.

    1. Hi Tina,
      That's true! I give basil water when the soil is dry. The smell of basil is calming. I love touching its leaves when I get up early morning.

  2. I love panini's. It sounds delish!

    1. Panini is an easy sandwich and a wonderful way to put your favorite ingredients and flavors together

  3. Yonca, this looks delicious! I love how you add a good amount of avocado. There's never too much avocado in a dish :)

    1. Totally agree, Fatima.
      Cheers to all avacado lovers out there :-)

  4. Your post is so timely. I just pulled out my panini press the other day! I love your version, it has all of my favorite things. Can't wait to make it for my husband this week x

    1. Great! It's good to meet other panini and avacado lovers. Alison, I hope you both love this version 😊 Enjoy!!

  5. This idea is so original, I will need to try this tonoght to surprise my husband!

    1. Hi Neimi,
      I hope you guys like this panini. Happy Wednesday!!!

  6. Hello Yonca, the panini sounds delicious. I love grilled cheese. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

    1. Tahnks Eileen,
      Have a wonderful day ☺

  7. Brilliant, i'm feeling hungry now, LOL.
    All the best, Gordon.


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