Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh, no! Summer, don't go! Recipe/ Cinnamon Lemonade

I've been using skype for years to connect with  people from my family and friends far away. Last year I started to chat with my son during work hours. Sometimes he forgets the time if he is gaming. So, I need to remind him, some stuff.
This morning he accidently wrote to me at his group chat window. He noticed in a moment and opened another chat window.
-Aria, take a shower..(me)
-In a sec
After half hour. I just clicked his name to see the chat window though...and typed again

- Aria...showerrrrrr!
He answered me in caps !
-Sorryyyyyyyyy, my mistake ..soo sorry ..

I didn't notice how it happened but I was in their chat window with his friends..
It must be embarrassing for an 12 years old boy though..I know..still sorry about that..
Anyway, Skype is part of our lives each day.
Do you use Skype often?

 photo 09aff0d9-1c1f-47bd-8081-a83c37fe773d_zpse0e9d647.jpg

I love lemon!! Lemon scent as a air freshner, love it as a flavor for cooking and baking, especially for fish and chicken. Lemon scent certainly uplifts our mood and stimulates the nervous system. For me lemon is a must! Also I love how they look on the counter. Fresh lemon comes first but also preparing some lemon flavor for later use would be very helpful.

 photo 57fad9f3-d35f-44c6-9d2d-97b14fd4281c_zpse607126e.jpg
Whenever I grate lemon peel, use some and freeze rest of it in a ziploc. Freezing lemon slices to add your water also gives a wonderful flavor to your water, tea, soda..

Yes, September is at the corner but I don't feel like summer is over!!! I need to smell cinnamon. Maybe the delicious scent and taste of cinnamon helps me welcome autumn this year :)

 photo b12dd30f-c94b-4bf0-92e5-053d339733ec_zps75c7746b.jpg

Simply put a couple of (or only one) cinnamon sticks in a boiling water. Keep it simmering 20-25 minutes. Smells good It also helps removing cooking odors from your home.

Okeeeyyy..I think I am ready for fall :) Hmmmm... actually,  a glass of low calorie lemonade would be good for now! What about cinnamon lemonade?

Low Calorie Cinnamon Lemonade

    2 cups water 
    Juice of 2 lemons.
    Honey or Splenda to taste
      Mix the ingredients and garnish with lemon slices and cinnamon sticks. Serve with ice cubes. Today no ice cubes for me. I have a bit of sore throat. If you have boiling water with cinnamon sticks, just add some to your lemonade. Heavenly!!!

Yummy homemade lemonade is ready!
Mmm..I am somewhere beetween summer breeze and autmn leaves!

 photo 6b031d8b-2493-459d-ae8f-a74ff0895a62_zps847b2372.jpg

                                                                        Welcome Fall!


  1. I have never used skype before. Can you believe it? It's true! I should try it out sometime.

    I love lemon - the flavor, the smell, the color. Just love it! Great idea about freezing it too. Homemade lemonade is definitely refreshing. =0)

  2. Hi, Kim! Whenever i run out of lemons, that little bag in freezer, saves my day :)
    Skype brings people together, love it! Like the world is really small place :) xx

  3. I don't really use skype either - I did a few times - but not in a long time

    Love your lemon/cinnamon drink - looks really yummy :)

  4. Susan, i am glad you like the recipe. It is really good..actually right now i am having some :)

  5. Skype has been a lifesaver for me and my British beau!

    LOVE lemon and cinnamon together:) I had a sore throat this morning and heated some water with lemon, cinnamon and a bit of honey. Was all better after drinking that:)

  6. Absulately! Also i add a bit ginger which really helps to sore throat. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn. xx

  7. Absulately! Also i add a bit ginger which really helps to sore throat. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn. xx

  8. I would never think to combine lemon and cinnamon together but that does sound like an interesting combination. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This looks so delicious and I must try this because I love Lemons!

  10. Hi, Kori!
    Hope you give it a try! We love this combination. I also use it for baking very often.

  11. Orihimekurosaki, glad you liked it! Also nice to meet another lemon lover :)

  12. I have never had lemon and cinnamon before, but it truly sounds awesome. I must try it!!

  13. Masshole Mommy, glad you like the idea. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. I love the scent of lemons too :) This looks like a great refreshing summer drink!

  15. Hmmm I am not that big on lemon. I just never got into the taste. However this looks pretty good and worth trying.

  16. Looks sooo good! I love lemons too!

  17. Oh! Thank you for sharing this! I've just had some lemonade and now I'm ready for something more refreshing! This sounds like a fantastic idea!

  18. lol… great recipe to keep that Summer feeling around just a bit longer. Thanks. ;-)

  19. Mmmmm I love cinnamon and lemons together but never thought about making it into a lemonade!

  20. I never had lemon and cinnamon together. I totally love the two anyway. Will be trying this tomorrow for breakfast.

    Thanks for the idea.

  21. I have a hard time imagining that combination, but it's probably worth trying !

  22. That lemonade looks amazing! We use skype a lot since my parents live pretty far - it lets them talk to our children and see them grow.

  23. Your cinnamon lemonade sounds interesting and it looks tasty! I'll have to give it a try this weekend!

  24. Hi Ann, That's true! Also a healer for winter with a warm water.

    Hi Misty! Hope you like it if you give it a try :)

    Hi Cheryl! I knew you are a lemon lover too :) xx

  25. Lexie, thanks for stopping by!Glad you like the recipe!

    Mrs. Mashed Up,isn't it :)Then again, I will miss summer!

    Jaime! This combination puts me in a good mood :)

  26. Hi Tamika!Glad you like the recipe. I hope you enjoy the taste :)

    Laura! Thanks for stopping by! The taste of this combination is a divine!

    Hi Debbie! Skype is a life saver! Love your profile pic :)

  27. That lemonade looks delicious! I would have never thought to add cinnamon. I will have to try it. Skype is a wonderful program to have. I am living away from my family so it is really nice to be able to talk to them and see them whenever I want.

  28. Wow! Never heard of something like this before! Will definitely have to give this a try!

  29. that recipe looks really good. i could use that right about now.

  30. I do love lemonade but I don't know about adding cinnamon......fall is my favorite time of year! I can't wait!

  31. That recipe sounds yummy :) I don't use Skype, but I think would be great for keeping in touch with relatives living far away.

  32. I use Skype daily to communicate with my virtual assistant. Love it!

  33. Hi, Bismah!
    When i was away from my family(two oceans away:), hearing their voices, seeing them over internet made me feel like they were in my house. Also it is free. Skype is really a great way to connect to people.

    Ashley, thanks for stopping by! I am glad you like the recipe! Hope you enjoy the taste.

    Lemonade is absulately more tasty with cinnamon. Hope you give it a try.

    Hi, Nicole! Oh, you are a daily user too! Somedays i use it more than facebook:-) Lol!

  34. I know right! Summer's going by way too fast. Where we are right now it is already cold like winter in the evening and early morning. Brrrrrrrr... I love the combo of Lemon and Cinnamon. Hmmm.. that even rhymes! Thanks for sharing this one. Sounds good!

  35. I use SKYPE as well when I call my mom and dad who are in the Philippines. I miss them so much and thank God for Skype.

  36. Hi, AdinB!
    Thanks for stopping by! I belive, for some of us, Skype is a must, isn't it? I feel you! Cheers to skype! Cheers to cinnamon, lemon combo :-)

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  38. Hello Yonca, you and your son have a great relationship! The lemonade sounds delicious.. Thanks for sharing the recipe.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  39. Private jets for rent, thanks!

    Eileen, i am so thankful for this. İ always appreciate your coments. Hugs!


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