Thursday, July 3, 2014


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I took Aria to Aquacity yesterday. It was a day trip with my son. A huge waterpark filled with fun for kids and families, in the city we live, Izmir.

  There is also a Thermal Hotel and its Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is one of Turkey's and Europe’s most important Thermal Hotel and Treatment Center with its two hundred personnel, hygiene, architecture, naturalistic settlement and treatment capacity that provides international standards. It also has the characteristics of social activity, sports and treatment units.

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We spent all day in Aquacity..Food was good too! Let's take a look at  this amazing place!

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22 water slides
Indoor-outdoor water slide tube (Black-Hole) - 3 units
Outdoor water slide (head-turning, Surprise, Comfortable) - 4 pieces
On free-fall water slide (Slide Body)
3-lane water slide (Multi-Slide)
Tube slides (Free Fall Tube)
Corkscrew water slide (Twister)
Open water kamikaze slides (dancer-Brave Man) - 2
Space bowl (Space Hole)
Elevator rides to disabled people
Tube slides (Quick)
Water slides over the grass
Boot family slide (Slide Family)
Children's water slide (Single and Dual)
Children's water slides in the form of a cobra snake
Rabbit in the form of children's water slide

Tel; 90 232 2590102

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The best part for me was tanning with the big pillows on the grass! 
Enjoyed a couple of slides with Aria..Not really my thing but it was OK :)

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A look from the top of  one of the open slides just before Aria slided.
I tried to catch him sliding but it is not!!!

 photo 2f5c9e25-0c39-4aa6-b5ee-85b96c2dac01_zps7713c97b.jpg

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We took a ferry back to home..Taking shots of  Aegean Sea was amazing. I almost forgot how tired I was.

 photo 7b3e0e77-f3cf-40bf-9dc1-ddd73f93f365_zpse8983ba9.jpg

(From the Ferry-Aegean Sea, 02.07.2014) 
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Oh, I just got those flip flops and loving them :) 

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Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. What a nice looking water park! I love that it looked like it wasn't crowded :)

    1. Hi Ann, actually i preferred to go on a week day. It is a huge park! Happy 4th of July! Hugs!!

  2. What a fun water park.. I am sure Aria loved the water slides! Wonderful post and photos, thanks for sharing your day. Have a happy weekend!

    1. That's true!! Aria loves water slides and this park turned in to his new favorite place :) Thanks for stopping by! You have a great weekend too! Hugs!!

  3. Aquacity looks like good fun, and I've never been on a ferry boat. =0)

  4. Cool flip-flops!
    I love the big tanning pillows! I love the whole look of these waterpark and how it's nestled where it is. I'd be scared of the bigger slides.

  5. Oh, Kim, it was sooo much fun. We were so tired while on the way back home. My son felt a sleep on the ferry. I like ferryboats also taking gorgeous photos from the ferry.

  6. Thanks, Tamara!
    Watching kids sliding, having fun wss nice. It was an amazing waterpark. I used to take my son to the waterparks especially swimming pools with waterlides in Long Island. But Aquapark is huge!

  7. What a great day!! (and now I want some big pillows to tan on!)

  8. Hi Stephanie!
    I love those pillows.Lol, I can spend the night on them:)

  9. Fun, fun, fun fun fun!!! Thanks for posting the beautiful pics! I want one of those pillows!!!!!!!


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