Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch; Poached eggs with potato&cheese...happiness :)

It was last Sunday's brunch made all of us happy..
A perfectly cooked poached egg is
one of the most wonderful things in the whole world!

 photo 2b8dd90c-4370-4ec3-929e-c74c8b531a1e_zpsfbdf9fe5.jpg

2 potatoes(cubed)
6 eggs
Shredded mozarella, feta cheese
salt, pepper

After peel, wash and cube 2 potatoes, boil them in a pan.
(Not too much water or you can use can cubed potatoes)
Crack the eggs(6 eggs) on potato cubes and cook until the whites are cooked well.
Turn the heat off and sprinkle with shreaded mozerella and
 greated feta cheese(optional-i love it) on top.

 photo bd28dff9-5bdd-4b57-98bc-9c15124882c1_zpsfeb022c4.jpg

Schools are opening here on Monday
We're done clothes shopping!
I believe we are in the mood!
We cleaned his room together, made some decoration changes,
packed some stuff to give away,
 it also frees up space for new books for a new school year:)
 photo 5958dec1-46e5-4005-bb29-89ac02985051_zpse7019909.jpg
A shore walk was so relaxing
after having some chocolate cake at our favorite shore cafe..
                        But...still we don't wanna say good bye to the summer..
Still hot here!
See ya!


  1. Your meal looked delicious and your stroll sounded heavenly!

  2. Your egg dish sounds wonderful..My hubby would like it! Does you son like being back in school. What a pretty place for a walk. Lovely view. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  3. omg, this is my favourite!
    looks so yummy! what a wonderful place for a walk-lovely sight!

    also, i loved seeing the photos of your little man. he's really handsome.

    have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    big hugs!

  4.'s me using my niece, georgia, email.

  5. Ah, yes...It's still hot here as well. Doesn't feel like summer is over just yet because of that.
    My hubby loves poached eggs with potato & cheese (although, he hasn't had the feta cheese yet - will have to try that).
    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  6. I never would have thought to make eggs and Potatoes that way. It sounds good.

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  8. Your egg dish looks yummy! I am a huge fan of eggs in dishes :)

  9. I like poached eggs, but never cook them. Maybe it's because my youngest daughter would make faces at me as I eat it. She hates a "runny" egg. :)

    The recipe sounds delicious.

    Awww... Aria looks so happy and content. Too bad summer is over for him, but I'm sure he'll be happy at school, too. At least, I hope so!

  10. That sounds delicious. I love potatoes and eggs together.

    The shore looks so peaceful, a perfect place for a walk. It's still warm here too.

  11. looks inviting, mouthwatering, delicious and so easy to prepare!

  12. the egg meal looks good~ I would love to walk on the beach now. The beach is far from me where I live now. Looks fun! Have a great day :)

  13. This sounds delicious. Lovely shore walk photo too!

    Wishing you a wonderful day.


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