Monday, August 5, 2013

Some pics from the weekend!

After work, like 10 pm is a great time for a walk here. Because there are actually 100+ degree days in July-August. Aria and me took a shore walk together and enjoyed our night walk on Saturday :)

I love watching him skateboarding! He was calling my name Yon-ka,- Yon-ka as you guys pronounce it. My name is pronounced  Yon-JA. But I got used to hearing my name with a K
for years in New York. So, sounds like a second name to me:) 

Next morning(Sunday) I realized there were 2 horses staring at me in our front yard.
I'm surprised, shocked! The shock changed to amazement and I ran inside,  and got my son out of bed because he loves horses. I knew he would be thrilled by this visit. Aria took that pic of them...
After the move unpacking and organizing new home took half a summer.
But summer ain't over yet, right?
Still August :D
Thanks for your visit! Love y'all!


  1. I'm not sure what to make of these horses in the lawn. That is crazy!!!!

    You're right; I pronounce it Yon-ka in my head. I'll try to remember to do it right now though!

  2. My daughter just visited Spain and France recently. She said that it doesn't get dark until 10 or after, I believe, so everyone is out late.

    Great that you and Aria spend time together just having fun!

    Love the photos...and thanks for telling us how your name is pronounced. I never would have known!

  3. Sorry - you'll always be YonKa to me <3

  4. Finding horses on the front lawn would be a shock to me too. But also a lot of fun. We have been doing most outside activities here in the early morning and late evening too because of the heat.

    Thanks for giving us the pronunciation of your name, I had wondered.

  5. Horses in your front yard! How fun! How did they get there??


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