Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm 132 pounds!!!!

It has been a while since I made the last post guys...It's good to get a chance to spend some time blogging again:)) I feel very happy now!!!!!!!
A few weeks I'll be home so I'm free whatever I want to do:) Woo-hooo!!!!!

Honestly my son and I miss to be in Long Island a lot. But the city we live in is also full of fun, friendship, family love, beautiful view&weather and good food.
Aria learned Turkish a lot. He is not good at as much as English yet. Anyway, a huge hug and kisses from me and Aria to you all guys.

        I got skinny! I really mean it..Here is a photo of me which is taken today. What do you think?
I'm only 132 pounds now. And I decided to celebrate this today with a glass of wine (maybe 2 glasses:))
I was 132 pounds before I got pregnant..and I'm the same now! Cheers!!!!
My face is always the same even though I loose pounds. My sister says this is an advantage. What are your opinions about it ladies?

                        Aria is with his cousin Yusuf.. If two boys come together :D 

what are green wines infographic
Presented By, Purveyors of fine green Wine Presented By Purveyors of fine green Wines

Top Green Wine Tips;
-Start with organic ingredients
-Follow Mother Nature's lead
-Respect the land
-Pay attention to the process
-Don't assume it's vegan;  Vegan wines, on the other hand, use carbon, limestone, silica gel, and other non-animal products for equally smooth end results.
-Check for certification
-Consider the bottle (or box)
-Support green wineries


  1. You look gorgeous as usual...and so happy!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! xo Loved your profile pic!

  3. Oh Yonca, you look so beautiful. Congrats!

    It's good to hear from you. I'm glad you and Aria are having a good time and doing well.

  4. welcome back!

    congrats on your weight loss!

    oh, yonca, you look gorgeous!


  5. You look fabulous! Congratulations! And your sister is right because if a face gets too thin, you look older and we don't want that, do we?

  6. Merhaba,
    sizi cani gonulden tebrik ediyorum. DIlerim ben de bu kiloya geldigimde guzel bir kutlama yaparim.

  7. You look wonderful! Congrats!

  8. Thanks Judy!It's good to see you here again. Aria is allright but missing his friends in Long Island and his favorite places like Chuckie Cheeses:)

    Thank you!!!
    Miss you..It's great to see you again here. It has been a long time.xoxo

    Hi Liz,
    Of course we don't!!! I think I'm lucky. Just I can't wear any small sunglses:))

    Ince Belli,
    Blogumu ziyaret ettigin icin tesekkurler. Az onceugradim sana ve yazini zevkle okudum. Hedefe ulasmissin nerdeyse. Belkide bir resim paylasirsin sonra?:))

    Blonde Duck,
    Thank you so much! I visited your blog 2 days ago and you guys look great! Loved your grilled pie idea:)

  9. You look amazing - nice work! :-)

  10. Thanks for stopping by Teri!

    Hi Cynthia! Thank you:)


I' m loving to read your comments:)


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