Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planning my son's Halloween mummy costume

Guest post written by Eloise Palmer

It's never too early to start planning for Halloween when you're a parent. I've learned from experience that you don't want to be the parent that doesn't have the right Halloween costume for your kid and has to buy whichever leftover costumes are still there. That happened to me last year and I thought that my son was going to never forgive me for it.
This year I asked him very early on what he wants to be for Halloween and he told me a mummy so I knew that I could finagle a really cool DIY costume for him. I looked online with my wireless internet Sacramento to find all kinds of ideas for it. I decided to take a combination of all of those costume ideas.

The kids DIY mummy outfit that I've been working on hard is really starting to come around.
I even dyed the fabric with coffee to make it look all old and weathered. I'm not finished sewing all of the wraps on my son's shirt and pants but I'm going to have it finished in time for him to wear to his friend's Halloween party.


  1. You even dyed the fabric? Can't wait to see it!

  2. A mummy outfit is really a spooky kind of costume. Holloween is a fun occassion for the kids. We used not to observe holloween here in the Philippines but lately, we are getting influenced by the western culture. There are Holloween activities held in every Malls. Yep, not in the neigborhood as yet.

    Have a nice weekend Yonca!

  3. It sounds like it's going to be amazing. I love that you dyed the cloth!

  4. The best costumes are the ones that are homemade!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. i'm sure it's going to be awesome!
    do you care sharing some photos?

    have a great weekend!

    betty xx

  6. Forgive me for getting off of the theme of this post. I just want to let you know, Yonka, that I am thinking about the people of Turkey, and hoping that none of your family or friends were hurt in the earthquake. My prayers are with them.

  7. What a fun guest post.
    A mummy costume is a fun idea and it sounds like it will be nice and spooky. Wish we could see it!


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