Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Premcrest Fair Trade Wholesale

I'd like to introduce Premcrest Fair Trade Wholesale to you guys.
Premcrest have 40 years experience in selling fair trade food and drink products. Hot drinks, cold drinks, chocolates&sweets, cakes, biscuits&snacks, fair trade coffee, organic tea, dry fruit, nuts and more. They offer a selection of fair trade certified products.
Under 'Every Day Food' you will find fair trade products in cooking. Cooking ingredients, pasta sauces, grains, extra virgin olive oils, fruit spreads, beans, herbs...Premcrest Fair Trade supplier has passionate about ethically traded products. Chocolate gifts, dry fruits, snack bars, chocolate drinks, fruit spreads&jams and more.

As a dark chocolate lover Ggreen and Blacks Organic Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs caught my eye on their site.
Haahaaaa..That's really funny! Aria doesn't even know that I 'm writing about chocolate but he walked in to the kitchen and asked me if I want some chocolate:)
When it comes to chocolate my answers is always 'yes':))

Whole Earth Organic Cola, Whole Earth Organic Lemonade, organic smoothies and fruit juices.. For tea lovers; Organic Fairtrade Green Tea&Mint, Green Tea&Ginger, Green Tea&Lemon, Green Tea&Ginseng, Organic Golden Black Tea, Ql Org White Tea&Pomegranate, Ql Org White Tea& Acai Berry, Goji Berry are just a few cold and hot drinks Premcrest provides for online shoppers.
For coffee lovers, Cafedirect, Moetal, Clipper Organic Coffee (Italian Style, Instant Freeze Dried) Organic Espresso, Equal (Dark Roast, Decaf Ground), Equal Exchange are some brands you can find @Premcrest website.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I'd never heard of this company. When I clicked over to it, I wished I had some of its delicious goodies on a plate in front of me!


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