Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coffee Anyone ???

I heard my dad's voice yesterday saying 'Yonca, yap bi kahve de içelim senin elinden'...
It means 'I want to have a cup of coffee you would make'.

He passed away 11 years ago..Turkish coffee was one of his favorite drinks.
It's very strong coffee and we serve it with a glass of water. If any of you tasted it, you would know why we need water after we have it:)
It brings a conversation, friendship, sharing, connection..So it means to us more than having a cup of coffee.. Whenever he said this to me, I knew a sweet talk is coming..Rest in peace dad!


Turkish copper coffee set.
Includes a nickellated copper tray, a porcelain cup and saucer, and a coffee maker with tinned copper inside for usage.

A good coffee maker definitely makes a difference in the taste. Don't you think? Copper is expensive but gives a extraordinary taste to Turkish coffee, so totally worth it.

I love shopping online, searching, and comparing prices. Online shopping is easy shopping also you can find the best deal in minutes instead spending time and gas...

Gift shopping is painful sometimes but I think a fresh bag of their favorite ground would be the best gift for coffee lovers. Always works:) I believe all coffee lovers enjoy, before opening their eyes in the morning smell the aroma of fresh brewed coffee coming from the kitchen and having a cup of their favorite Coffee Specialty Blend

Mmmm...I'm looking at the beans..dark, mysterious, or maybe a little sweet?
What is your favorite?
A well brewed cup of coffee is a work of art

Ahh! My happy morning!!!


  1. You are so right ... I've often thought that coffee is so much more than coffee ... It's good conversation, and ideas, and sharing company and food together, and now part of the memories of your father, too.

    I've never had Turkish coffee before, but hope to try some one day!

  2. Awe, what a sweet memory. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Such a nice memory you have of your Dad. I'm sure thinking about that made you smile, it made me smile.
    Take care.

  4. I would love to try Turkish coffee! I am a coffee lover who had to stop drinking it because of its affect on my stomach, but boy do I miss it.

  5. Would you believe I have never once tried coffee?

  6. There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee except maybe a good cup of coffee with friends.

    I had Turkish coffee once years ago. It was very strong but I think I could easily develop a taste for it.

  7. I can only drink a half cup of basic coffee. If I drink more, I get the gitters. :) Turkish coffee would probably have me running and screaming. lol

    My dad passed away 11 years ago, too; in Dec. 1999. Good to know you have special memories of your dad. I do too, of mine.

  8. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memory.

    My mom loved strong coffee and she actually has a Turkish coffee set. I can't drink it, but my hubs is getting used to it,lol.


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