Saturday, December 18, 2010

Do we look like the folks in Grey's Anatomy?

When I was a kid, whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say 'I want to be a doctor'. I don't know what kind of doctor I would be if I was, but one thing is certain..My son is not going to be a doctor! He can't even stand to see his own blood.

-Mommy! I'm bleeding!!!(In a panic)
If you see him the first time, you probably think that he is bleeding to death. Ha! Just a little scar, not even worth to put a band aid on, lol.
Yesterday, he surprised me. I'm shocked. When I saw his loose tooth was ready to go with the tooth fairy. I told him;
-You know what, if you hold it tight and shake it like it's dancing, it would come out easily..Do you wanna try? (I was kidding)
-Oh, no!
-OK, I knew, you're not gonna like the idea. It would be something to remember forever..dancing tooth..dancing tooth.. I believe that would be something you would tell your kids when you become a father, how you pulled out your own tooth yourself. Wouldn't it be?
" Skake, shake..wiggle, wiggle my loose tooth"'re saying..(he ran into the bathroom, grabbed a cotton and got back to the hallway mirror)
-Dancing tooth..dancing tooth..(he started to sing)
Yep, dancing tooth left us last night and he got 3 dollars from the tooth fairy:)
-I don't believe, I did it myself. It didn't even bleed that much.
He was still in the same mood this morning. He put a bandanna like a surgery hat and folded another one for me like a nursing scrub hat and said;
-Mom, look at us, we're like the folks on Grey's Anatomy which he used to hate when I watched that show sometimes. He checked himself in the mirror and started to..... dance???

I still don't think he is gonna be a doctor or has a medical job when I saw him looking for a pair of blue jeans and Micheal Jackson printed top instead of some uniforms or scrub clothing to complete his look. But he got used to seeing blood for sure yesterday and now he is brave enough pulling out his own tooth if it involves music and dance:)

-The opinions I expressed are my own-


  1. Everything feels better when we have music, too. Even pulling a tooth! That's the magic of music. Congrats to your son :)

  2. what a sweet story! your boy is definitely growing up... and maybe to become a doctor :)

  3. I always had hard time pulling my own dangling teeth but I can say that I can handle pretty much anything with blood now! Maybe he will grow out of it :)

  4. Aww, your son is so adorable, Yonca!
    And I think music can make everything go smoothly.
    What a sweet post!

    B xx

  5. I cringe at the idea of pulling teeth!

  6. Thank you for your always nice comments on my blog Yonca. I haven't felt up to blogging but am slowly getting back to it. I too remember when my children would have loose teeth and I would hate to have to pull it you I would make a "game" of it! The tooth fairy always rewarded them nicely! I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Happy Christmas

  8. Good for him! I used to hate pulling my teeth & would wait until they were dangling by a thread!

    Yay! Tooth Fairy.

  9. My nephew's teeth came out so easy and my son had such a hard time to get them out. They were hanging by a thread and they still wouldn't come out.

  10. Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!!


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