Friday, November 12, 2010

Cool K-Cups


The good thing about using K-Cups is your fresh cup of coffee or tea is ready in less than a minute without dealing with filters, messy grinds or wasted pots of java!

If you want a single serving of coffee in the morning, one of the busiest times of the day or after dinner, just select the K-Cup of your choice, place it in your brewer, close the lid, push the button, and that's it! You're now ready to enjoy your cup of coffee.

Do you like flavored coffee? A wide variety of flavored coffee pods you can find on internet.
I have to admit that I'm a Hazelnut flavor addict:)) helps you set up an Office coffee program easily, one minute quick order and if you join The Coffee Club you save 10% in your entire order at their site.

Gift Baskets might be good for holiday gifts also. K-Cup selections from Timothy’s, Gloria Jean’s Coffee People, Diedrich, Emeril’s, Wolfgang and more.. A variety of creamers and other treats, Wafer Cookies, and Biscoff Caramelized Belgian Cookies include the basket. The regular one has 25 K-Cups, Deluxe has 45 K-Cups, and the Premium has 65 K-Cups. There are also some good clearance deals going on right now at

Most of holiday shoppers buy their gifts online rather than shopping in stores. Save money by Saving Gas! Right? Not only will you be saving money, but also saving time. You can get your holiday gift shopping done without waiting and frustration of long lines by surfing the web instead of setting off to the mall in your car.

Hope you guys are having a terrific holiday season!

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  1. A friend of mine has the K-Cup. When we went for dinner. It was so nice to choose if you wanted coffee or tea, and the flavors. I felt like I was in a restaurant. So cool.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. That does sound fun to be able to pick from a variety of flavors and choices of beverage. My hubby is huge coffee fan...I will drink it too, butwith lots of flavored creamer :o)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings & aloha!
    And thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comment :o) I would prefer all my "after" (current) photos that I am in, to be far away shots :o)

  3. Never heard of K-cups, but I love my specialty coffees.

  4. Oh I love the idea of brewing 1 good quality cup of coffee at a time. I have a Tassimo being delivered soon:)

  5. We have a Keurig and although I don't drink coffee, my boyfriend says that K-cup coffee is WAY better than other kinds!

  6. I have to admit that I wasn't a huge coffee drinker before, but then I reviewed a Keurig and now I'm turning into an addict! I love being able to pull out just the flavor that I want that day and brew a fresh cup for myself with no mess or fuss. Mmmm... I could go for some coffee right now to wake me up a little bit... :)

  7. My hubby and I are coffee drinkers but making it by the pot suite our needs best. I was looking at a similar machine the other day thinking it would make a great gift. I will take a look at the K-Cups, online of course.

  8. I LOVE my Keurig. Hubby bought if for me for Christmas. I love the variety and it makes life so much easier for me:)

  9. Something as cute and easy as that may turn me into a coffee drinker. :)

  10. I would love one!! I am a major coffee drinker!!

  11. That sounds good. My coffee maker stinks and doesn't get the coffee hot enough. I bet this one works great!

  12. Agreed! I love K-Cups. Gift baskets are good for bosses, the ones that already have everything. :-)

  13. great review! I would love this coffee maker.

    I got a laugh over your conversation with your son about tattoos!!!

    : )

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  15. I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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