Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Childrens Jewellery

Deep Pink Animal Heart from Molly Brown Designer Girls Jewellery

You all know I don't have a daughter but if I had, I think she would have a jewellery collection:)
Classic&sophisticated jewellery, will last a lifetime.

The Molly Brown Collection is a designer range of jewellery especially for girls. Established in May 2006 by Erica Illingworth who was inspired by her daughter Georgia to create Molly Brown, a collection of jewellery for girls.

“If we develop a passion for something when we are young, chances are we will still feel passionate about the same thing well into adulthood. The beauty of jewellery is that it holds our memories; a love for jewellery can be inspired at any age and hopefully indulged for a lifetime.”
(from Molly Brown)

When a daughter wears it, she is reminded of her love for her mother. Childrens jewellery can make a great gift at anytime of year whether it's for your daughter, sister or daughter-in-law..

I'm sure my daughter(if I had one:)) would need to make a memory list of her jewellery to keep those special days in mind.

So, I'm kind a lucky that I don't have an expense like that, right? :) Can hear you! Anyway, thinking like that makes me feel good when I am writing this post as a mom of a wonderful boy.

I just saw that Pink Aurora Fairy Necklace on their site, how cute is it??? Have you check out their variety of necklaces yet?

OK, dream is over! Back to normal. I have to go pick up my son from school. Yesterday we had a playdate and for today I promised to him to play basketball after school:)



  1. I have daughters, and they have a few pieces of jewelry from when they were younger that they'll always have. Jewelry is such a nice way to commemorate special times we want to remember.

  2. I have some jewlery from when I was younger. One of the pieces of jewlery that I still wear are earings that have me intials on them. As a matter of fact, I wore them today.
    I hope you had a great day!

  3. awww. I haven't bought my 4 year old daughter any jewlery yet, but I will! : )

  4. Hi,You have been awarded..

  5. My daughter would love that jewelery. Thanks for the link to that site :)

  6. Zoe is only 3 but talks about shiny necklaces all the time lol. Oh she is gonna be miss fashionista. If you ever want to borrow her just let me know(she's at the very touch whiny age)

  7. I did buy some special jewelry for my daughter when she was little, so yes, you are saving money! lol

  8. They have really cute jewelry! I think that would be awesome to get them for my girls:) thanks for sharing! haven't been by in a while and I wanted to stop in and say, hi!
    Happy Thursday, Yonca:)

  9. Jewelry is always a girl thing! I wonder if there ever is a girl not fond of jewelries.Lol!

    You're right! You got a wonderful boy and it would just be an added blessing if you'll gonna have a baby girl.

    I hope you win the ball game over your boy! Lol!

  10. Our girls have some special jewelry from when they were little and also some passed on to them from my mom...which is even more special, especially since she is passed on. My hubby gave our son his Hawaiian initial ring after our son had gone through chemo...It has his initial D for his name, but he also said shared with my son to have it in remembrance of his healing from cancer... D as in Divine healing from the Lord.

    What a fun mom to play basketball with her son :o) Hope you had a lots of fun!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    After returning from our visit with family, it was straight to work, but I had yesterday and today off from work, so I hope to get caught up on some blog reading. I did draw names and I just wanted to let you know-in appreciation to those that left comments but were not drawn, I am also offering 10% off of one order…I want to be sure that no one was left out. Please leave a comment to let me know if you are interested.

  11. Happy Friday to you and your family! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn weather!

    Following you now from Spotlight Saturday. Please follow me back!

  12. Cute blog!

    I just found your blog through one of the Saturday blog hops! Have a great weekend.

    Amanda @

  13. My daughter loves jewelry, most is just for the toy section but she is getting a cute bracelet for her birthday with her name on it from Baby Beads Treasure.

    Thanks for stopping by Relax and Surf Sunday!

    I'm follow you!

    Shibley Smiles

  14. That is really pretty jewelry, any little girl would love it. I only have one stepdaughter and she is in her late teens, she is into the high fashion stuff now. Boys would be cheaper in that department.

  15. Yonca,
    What a sweet collection for girls. My daughter already loves jewelry. I hope you have a terrific Halloween with your little guy. Don't eat too much candy:)


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