Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is new???


Whenever I clean the attic, I think about havig an Ebay account and sell some unneeded items. My husband and I bought some stuff on Ebay. Then I decided to have a selling account(
everydayhotdeals2010) and put those items on sale. I started to take pictures of them yesterday and listed a few things as a start. If you haven't got an Ebay account yet and interested in selling on Ebay this article is very helpful. Another new thing is, I signed up to write on Associated Content and chose a few old posts of mine published on my blog to start. (Lazy summer..hehe) I've always heard good things about Associated Content They pay according to page views. I'd love to hear your opinions about their site if anyone heard anything about it or has any experiences with it. Wish me luck!

Summer always goes so fast. I hope y'all are enjoying the beauty of summer.
Aria took this picture of me yesterday. A little computer break..After have done attic clean up and pampered my self:)


  1. Good luck selling on ebay. Hubby does it and makes some extra money.

    That is a very pretty picture of you.

  2. Seems like a great idea! Hope you are having a great summer:)

  3. Love the pic!

    I have sold things on eBay in the past with success, but haven't done it in a long time.

    I have not heard of the Associated Content site but it sounds very cool!

  4. Selling on Ebay is always a good way to make a few extra dollars. Also a great way to get closets and such cleaned out.

    I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone. Hope you are having a great one. Great photo of you on the sofa.

  5. Great pic, Yonca! I sell some stuff on ebay occasionally. All right for writing for associated content. I might have to check them out too. :)

  6. Hello Yonca! Good to hear from you on my blog and to hear your honest opinions.

    My blog reading time is way down because of the kids being home from school, but I hope to pick it back up in September.

    I've always been interested in eBay, but I keep putting it on the back burner. You've inspired me to think about it again. Thanks for providing the article.

    Nice picture. It shows the beautiful and genuine person you are. :)

  7. Sounds like a fun and easy way to make a few extra dollars. What a wonderful photo of you!

  8. You deserve little pampering after cleaning the attic.

    I love eBay. I sell lots of items we no longer need there.

  9. Oh do please let me know how you do with selling on ebay and if you found it was easy to do. I always think about selling on ebay when I come across all our "treasures" that have been boxed up and in the garage and attic for soooo long! haha but...just have never done it.

    What a great photo of you that Aria took.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Good luck with ebay - that's one of my winter-when-the-kids-are-in-school projects! Would love to hear about your experiences!

  11. I sold a few things on Ebay in the past. I also love buying things on there - lol. I never heard of Associated Content. I will have to look into that more.

    I love the pic of you! So cute! Hope you're having a nice summer too.

  12. Yonca you are such a beautiful woman, inside and out!! Tell Aria he has a future in photography:)

  13. I have an addiction to buying on Ebay....I'm always browsing, but you can get some amazing things, cheap! Great photo of you:)

  14. Hi, I am trying to be more resourceful online. hehe. It is the posting part that takes time on EBAY, but it's always on my list. AC- I know people who uses this but didn't know that you can use your already published content from your blog, so thanks for the tip. I too will start this way and see what happens. Thanks for all your follows today too. I see Squirrel Queen is here, she is one f my fav. bloggers. :-)


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