Friday, July 9, 2010

Want to access another computer?

I have been very interested in learning more about to access another computer. Yesterday we had a conversation about it with some people. Learning about computer world looks like endless:) Anyway, every new thing I learned is a plus at least. Isn't it?


I heard about Proxy Pro but I didn't know what was that for exactly until yesterday. It's a piece of software that allows one computer to access or control another via the internet. 

Proxy Pro 7 Workstation EditionMost of technicians prefer to upgrade to PROXY Pro 7 Workstation Edition because it's fast and has great security, including “256-bit encryption– the highest in its class.
I'd like to share with you guys a little more about this business-oriented service.

It is

Remote access software provides to reach machines anytime, anywhere.

Remote control  software provides to resolve support issues collaborativelyand.

Remote management software allows to monitor and repair machines in real-time.

PROXY Pro 7 Remote Desktop Software allows remote control of Mac and Linux computers as well as Windows 7. You can download your free 30-Day Trial of PROXY Pro 7 now.PROXY Pro 7.0 introduces peer-to-peer remote access and control of Macintosh and Linux computers for the first time. Schools, colleges and other educational organizations prefer Proxy Pro and thousands of helpdesk and IT administrators everyday to access and managing desktops, servers and mobile computers.

It's a small small world.. And with these soft wares, it's getting smaller and smaller:))


  1. The internet has definitely made the world smaller. You post something online, or on a blog, and people from all over the planet can read it and respond! It's pretty amazing.

  2. Over the Internet? Very interesting...

  3. I don't know much about this subject either, but sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharin' this info girl, I honestly don't know about this proxy thingie but hubby is knowledgeable about it somehow tsk tsk ^_^.

    I've been out of touch lately so sorry girl, and I missed you too!!!

    I'll try my best to visit my fave bloggers, you're on top of the list ^_^ xoxo. ♥

  5. I'm such an idiot about all things techy. I'm sure my son would understand this better than me.

  6. It sounds cool but way beyond my technical ability!

  7. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing this, dear Yonca.

    Have a nice day!!

  8. It always amazes me when my accountant jumps on my computer. It is crazy how internet is making the world a smaller place. Hope you are doing great Yonca. Enjoying your summer?

  9. very true about this becoming a smaller world, I feel like everyone is just down the street!

    Oh, and I am tall!!! I'm 5'10.

    : )

  10. That is cool that you learned about that! I am not very tech savy though! ;)

  11. That is such a neat program. Of course I'm not sure I want my kids accessing everyone else's computers yet. :)

  12. A group of us was playing the "what if" game the other day. What if we'd had the Internet when we were kids? What if we'd had iPods, laptops, iPhones? The world would be a different place, wouldn't it?

  13. I get so confused by anything technical...I am sure I could figure it out, if I chose to. I just let my husband do it. But he does work from home at times so we do have a remote access system. Not sure which one. It is pretty cool that you can take it anywhere you need!

  14. I missed this post last week.

    I haven't tried PROXY Pro 7 but I have used an older program to access a friends computer. She lived in another town and was always having problems so I set up remote access between our computers. It was pretty cool to be able to go into her computer and fix her problems.

  15. Yes, the internet and computers have truly brought the world a little closer! The progresses in technology are amazing! Hm...I don't think I would be using the Proxy Pro...I have a challenging time working on one computer alone :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    thank you for stopping by! I have a very long, long post up now...but wanted to let you know I have an award (blog hug) for you.

  16. Hi Yonca!
    I'm just not a techy person. I wish I could learn this too!
    Have a sunshiny day! Take care!

  17. I'll remember that name...Proxy Pro.


I' m loving to read your comments:)


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