Thursday, April 8, 2010

April, April!!!


I am loving all the flowers in bloom. Smelling them all the way while walking every morning.

All the brightness and colors..


I am loving fresh fruit and veggies, playing with them and creating delicious recipes. I'm loving all the brightness and colors. Makes me feel happy, hopeful, thankful.
I'm loving feeling fresh in April!


I have some zucchini. And I'm not going to let them sit around.
It has been a while I haven't made this salad.


Have a lovely day everyone!!!


  1. What gorgeous flowers! I was noticing some gorgeous Spring flowers, thinking that I need to snap some pics.

  2. Spring is a wonderful time, everything is starting to bloom. It won't be long before our Farmers' Market opens and all of the fresh veggies and fruits will be available. I love Spring!

  3. We all love zucchini!! If you like zucchini, give this recipe a try ladies! Looks good, tastes good:)

  4. Frances-I took those flower shots yesterday from our front yard!
    I hope you post when you take some pics of spring flowers:)Love them:)

    SquirrelQueen- Oh,fresh farm veggies! Yummy! My son was singing this morning 'it's the best time of the year'- He loves singing:)Sure,it is! Beautiful everywhere!

  5. Love the flower photos, this has been such a nice spring, I can't get over how warm it is!!!

    Have a Great Day Yonca!

  6. The flowers are so beautiful. Spring is such a wonderful time of year because all the pretty spring flowers bloom.
    That recipe looks yummy. Will try it.
    Have a great day.

  7. Molly, 70 something degrees today. Love it!

    Choices,absolutely beautiful!!!
    If you get a chance to try this recipe, you can also add chopped dill.Hope you like it!

  8. It is snowing here on the lovely IL/WI border. I want to move!
    Thank you for sharing your pictures, it keeps me warm!

  9. Hi Yonca, yes this weather is definitely putting a little Spring in my step. Loving all the bulbs that are finally coming up and getting ready to bloom.

  10. The recipe looks great. We love zucchini and just peel, slice, saute in olive oil and sea salt and enjoy as a wonderful side dish.

  11. Pretty pictures! Enjoy spring! =)

  12. Deb, it was a tough winter. Now, it is really good to see flowers, sun, warm weather finally;)

    Joanne, I love sauteed zucchini. Have you ever tried sauteed zucchini with yogurt-garlic sauce? We love it:)

    Thank you Janine!

  13. Beautiful flowers. I love spring time. The flowers are in full bloom here.

  14. Beautiful flowers, Yonca.

    Glad Spring has sprung!

  15. Kimberly, everywhere's colorful. Beautiful!

    Veronica, me too! Finally:)

  16. I love seeing all the spring flowers too! I've taken a few pics on some walks also.

    That zucchini recipe looks good. I am going to grow some in my garden this year. And need some recipes!

    Thanks for sharing & stopping by my blog! Hope you have a nice weekend♥

  17. It frosted here last night so I brought a few of the flowers in. I picked 2 of the flowers in your first picture(have no idea what they are called) and they smell amazing. My bedroom smells like lilacs.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Hi Yonca!
    Your whether seems real fine. With those beautiful blooms around, they truly add cheers to your day! We got a freaking hot summer here in the Philippines the reason for our frequent beach visit.

    Thanks much for the time spent in my site. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  19. My second love is to first is the theme of my blog.
    Your newest follower.

  20. Beautiful flowers. It was in the eighties earlier this week and I loved it. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  21. Beautiful beautiful flowers. Spring sounds so fun, flowers bloom. Sigh I sometimes envy the four seasons that you have, our weather here in Manila right now is freakin' hot literally.

    It's so hot that someone actually died because of heat stroke last week in the news.

    The flowers in this post looks really beautiful, just looking at them relaxes me and that zuccchini salad is so good for those on a diet like me ;).

  22. SonnyAnn, I love hyacinth(first pic)too. Smells great!Oh lilacs!!!
    I can smell them right now:)

    Beng Gee,I felt like I was on vacation when i stopped your site:) Beautiful nature, beautiful pics!

    Covnitkepr1-Thanks for the follow! I'll visit your site soon.

    Pam, 80's!!! How beautiful!! Today is 60 something degrees here.And very windy! Ugh!

    Emily,so sorry to hear that.Lol,I don't like that much hot. I like summer weather in the 80's.

    Ladies I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Wish we had flowers like those. Not much going on over here. The salad looks delectable. I admire your enthusiasm for freshness.


  24. I am so lucky! They are great followers! The salad was really good. Lol,I ate a lot and never felt guilty:)


I' m loving to read your comments:)


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