Friday, October 16, 2009

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen!

Looking for more space in your kitchen for pots and pans? Would you like to keep them more organized and easier to get to than in a standard cabinet? Hope, this post can help you.
In standard cabinet, if you need a middle or bottom pan, you have to lift the ones above it, so you can't stack them high, they are pain!
Enclume pot rock products are especially suited for today’s midsize or large kitchens.
Hanging pot rocks, lighted pot rocks, wall mount pot rocks, freestanding pot rocks, pot rock accessories, baker's sideboard base and more..

If you really don't like to hang your pans and pots, here is a freestanding cookware stand.

Enclume wall mount pot rack is another shelving option or storage unit that attach to your wall.
Also, if you need an arch rack or fireplace screen just click and to see more.. Enclume Offset Arch Rack, Enclume Vertical Arch Rack, Enclume Large Rectangular Rack, Enclume Cheveron Fireplace Screen
Enclume Freestanding Cookbook Holder. You can find different types of cookbook holder on Enclume Pot Rock site.

Another thing I really liked is Enclume 20 Bottle Wine Rack. Your choice of wine rack comes with all its hardware, a hex wrench, and full assembly and maintenance instructions. You can create a warm and fun gathering place in your house for your family and friends.
Click Enclume pot rock to see the prices.

If you need more space for baking stuff, this sideboard would be useful. Enclume Baker's Sideboard Base will organize your pots and pans..Easy to reach location and very stylish! There are two hammered steel grid shelves of this product.

A kitchen is the hearth of the home. Adding storage space will help you to be more organized..

OMG! They have some REALLY good stuff. I totally forgot about the time :)


  1. All of them good stuff. My favs the wne bottles rack and the cook book holder!
    I like my stuff to be organized in my kitchen .
    Happy weekend!
    hugs hugs

  2. I want a nice wine rack so bad! I don't have a lot of counterspace so a wine fridge would work for me. LOL

  3. Definitely some stuff to bookmark there!

  4. I would love to have one of those pan hanging thingys. Just today I was trying to get a pan out and everything fell out of the cabinet and one landed on my foot.

  5. These are some great ideas!!! Good finds. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Getting the pots and pans out of the way is such a good idea!

  7. Everything in my kitchen has to be kept inside cupboards 'cos we seem to have a gecko problem in Malaysian homes. They are every where!!

    Love those tips!!

    Have a great weekend, Yonca!!

  8. Great stuff. I feel like I can never get enough storage space.

  9. wow..what great ideas for keeping the kitchen organized:)Thanks for the tips, Yonca..have an awesome weekend

  10. Hi Yonca! Those are really great items! I wish I had room for all of those things!

  11. How cool! Thanks for sharing Yonca! I am going to have to visit the site and look around a bit more when I have a little more time. (Bookmarking!) :)

  12. All of those things are so nice but we simply don't have room in our kitchen. Plus I could easily see my kids knocking the pans off the shelf all the time, enough to send my nerves into space!!

    Everything in my cabinets is so disorganized. I desperately need to do something about it. Yet here I sit, blog reading on a Sunday! You can see where my priorities are, rigth? LOL

  13. hepsi de harika :)
    aynen katiliyorum ve de ekliyorum; organized kitchen=happy kitchen=happy wife and/or mother :)

  14. Yes you are reading my mind! I love this post!

  15. I also like the small wine rack with the table on top. Cute. The sideboard base looks like a great oportunity for more storage, always a need in my kitchen.

  16. I would love it my kitchen were organized. I don't know why I don't just ask for all of this fun stuff for Christmas and just get it done. Maybe I will. Hmmm. I really like the cookbook stand!


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