Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh, no! Summer, don't go! Recipe/ Cinnamon Lemonade

I've been using skype for years to connect with  people from my family and friends far away. Last year I started to chat with my son during work hours. Sometimes he forgets the time if he is gaming. So, I need to remind him, some stuff.
This morning he accidently wrote to me at his group chat window. He noticed in a moment and opened another chat window.
-Aria, take a shower..(me)
-In a sec
After half hour. I just clicked his name to see the chat window though...and typed again

- Aria...showerrrrrr!
He answered me in caps !
-Sorryyyyyyyyy, my mistake ..soo sorry ..

I didn't notice how it happened but I was in their chat window with his friends..
It must be embarrassing for an 12 years old boy though..I know..still sorry about that..
Anyway, Skype is part of our lives each day.
Do you use Skype often?

 photo 09aff0d9-1c1f-47bd-8081-a83c37fe773d_zpse0e9d647.jpg

I love lemon!! Lemon scent as a air freshner, love it as a flavor for cooking and baking, especially for fish and chicken. Lemon scent certainly uplifts our mood and stimulates the nervous system. For me lemon is a must! Also I love how they look on the counter. Fresh lemon comes first but also preparing some lemon flavor for later use would be very helpful.

 photo 57fad9f3-d35f-44c6-9d2d-97b14fd4281c_zpse607126e.jpg
Whenever I grate lemon peel, use some and freeze rest of it in a ziploc. Freezing lemon slices to add your water also gives a wonderful flavor to your water, tea, soda..

Yes, September is at the corner but I don't feel like summer is over!!! I need to smell cinnamon. Maybe the delicious scent and taste of cinnamon helps me welcome autumn this year :)

 photo b12dd30f-c94b-4bf0-92e5-053d339733ec_zps75c7746b.jpg

Simply put a couple of (or only one) cinnamon sticks in a boiling water. Keep it simmering 20-25 minutes. Smells good It also helps removing cooking odors from your home.

Okeeeyyy..I think I am ready for fall :) Hmmmm... actually,  a glass of low calorie lemonade would be good for now! What about cinnamon lemonade?

Low Calorie Cinnamon Lemonade

    2 cups water 
    Juice of 2 lemons.
    Honey or Splenda to taste
      Mix the ingredients and garnish with lemon slices and cinnamon sticks. Serve with ice cubes. Today no ice cubes for me. I have a bit of sore throat. If you have boiling water with cinnamon sticks, just add some to your lemonade. Heavenly!!!

Yummy homemade lemonade is ready!
Mmm..I am somewhere beetween summer breeze and autmn leaves!

 photo 6b031d8b-2493-459d-ae8f-a74ff0895a62_zps847b2372.jpg

                                                                        Welcome Fall!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Purslane-egg topped bread slices

One slice bread-topped full of Omega 3- protein, would be good enough to keep you full and provide a well balanced meal!!
Most of you guys know, the kitchen is my fun point, I also love the creativity of food. Allows me to combine west and east food culture..searching, sometimes replacing the ingredients with healthier ones,..creating and sharing my own recipes on this blog. It is the most enjoyable part of my life!. I try to keep my recipes easy, don't like time killer recipes at all!!..

A yummy egg- purslane recipe you can prepare anytime!

Purslane is a tasty and a rich source of omega-3's. Even your kids would love these healthy and delicious breads!!
A bunch of purslane leaves
4 eggs
1 small tomato(crushed)
1 small onion (finely chopped)
2 gloves garlic (crushed)
2 tbsp olive oil
1 teaspoon butter
4 slices of wholegrain bread
Salt, pepper

Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil.
Add the purslane leaves and the crushed tomatoes to the skillet.
Cook untill it just changes color.
Sprinkle a pich of salt and pepper over it.

Break 4 large eggs on the top of the mixture. Cover the skillet and simmer gently untill the eggs are set to your liking, (about 4 muites for runny yolks) 

Transfer each eggs with the mixure onto bread slice.

On the skillet, melt, a teaspoon of butter and litely toast the whole grain bread slices (one side only). Place the eggs and puslane mixture onto each bread slices..I served with banana slices a touch of strawberry jam on them.

 photo 1ae485bf-a0f7-41bd-82fb-26bc1cb10501_zps0f6f87d4.jpg

Delicious, easy and healthy! If you decide to give this recipe a try and if you come with a question,feel free to contact me!

Happily chat to you on FB or shoot me an email :)

I have so many recipes than I could share for 8 years guys! Working hard lately to post often! Happy Wednesday and thank y'all!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


 photo aqua2_zpsb8018c3e.jpg

I took Aria to Aquacity yesterday. It was a day trip with my son. A huge waterpark filled with fun for kids and families, in the city we live, Izmir.

  There is also a Thermal Hotel and its Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is one of Turkey's and Europe’s most important Thermal Hotel and Treatment Center with its two hundred personnel, hygiene, architecture, naturalistic settlement and treatment capacity that provides international standards. It also has the characteristics of social activity, sports and treatment units.

 photo 6d7e4a06-6088-4849-ad8b-bdbe1affcb6b_zpsdc4f00ca.jpg

We spent all day in Aquacity..Food was good too! Let's take a look at  this amazing place!

 photo 5f88d574-ffb9-4739-9139-b3f73986f45e_zps3c2a4b22.jpg

22 water slides
Indoor-outdoor water slide tube (Black-Hole) - 3 units
Outdoor water slide (head-turning, Surprise, Comfortable) - 4 pieces
On free-fall water slide (Slide Body)
3-lane water slide (Multi-Slide)
Tube slides (Free Fall Tube)
Corkscrew water slide (Twister)
Open water kamikaze slides (dancer-Brave Man) - 2
Space bowl (Space Hole)
Elevator rides to disabled people
Tube slides (Quick)
Water slides over the grass
Boot family slide (Slide Family)
Children's water slide (Single and Dual)
Children's water slides in the form of a cobra snake
Rabbit in the form of children's water slide

Tel; 90 232 2590102

 photo de434e5b-c6b3-4ef2-9231-96762380673d_zpsd736831e.jpg

The best part for me was tanning with the big pillows on the grass! 
Enjoyed a couple of slides with Aria..Not really my thing but it was OK :)

 photo fba8212e-612d-481c-8f77-bdc2fbdc79dd_zps85ad2ace.jpg

 photo a409f1d7-c655-4fd1-8643-f0fc8792b3f2_zps08dd228e.jpg

A look from the top of  one of the open slides just before Aria slided.
I tried to catch him sliding but it is not!!!

 photo 2f5c9e25-0c39-4aa6-b5ee-85b96c2dac01_zps7713c97b.jpg

 photo 64d13cf2-ed88-45b8-81db-1760e5d6b142_zps5798eeef.jpg

We took a ferry back to home..Taking shots of  Aegon Sea was amazing. I almost forgot how tired I was.

 photo 7b3e0e77-f3cf-40bf-9dc1-ddd73f93f365_zpse8983ba9.jpg

(From the Ferry-Aegon Sea, 02.07.2014) 
 photo 160d25e8-d2c3-4d3c-a9a0-f3da440796b7_zps87ea89b3.jpg

Oh, I just got those flip flops and loving them :) 

 photo 839f1697-9847-4d46-ad72-aac8d297dccf_zps2f7f18fe.jpg
Happy 4th of July!!!


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